The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 961 Toying with the Lives of Others.

Chapter 961 Toying with the Lives of Others.

"That\'s it! I\'m going to sue you police officers for dereliction!" Mo Kaicheng\'s neck veins bulged as he roared, "Can\'t you see that someone assaulted me? You... Ah!"

Before Mo Kaicheng could finish his sentence, a cry of pain cut him off. Shen Hanxing mercilessly stepped on the back of his foot with her high heels, eliciting a pig-like scream from his mouth. novE(LB.In

"Feeling pleased with yourself for toying with the lives of others, huh?" Shen Hanxing\'s anger hadn\'t subsided as she took a step forward, her slender palm firmly gripping Mo Kaicheng\'s collar. Her eyes, filled with a stark contrast of black and white, burned with rage. She raised her fist and delivered another powerful blow to Mo Kaicheng\'s abdomen. "You think you\'re someone special, someone superior? Are you feeling less arrogant now? Go on, continue your arrogance. I want to see if your mouth is tougher than my fist"

Mo Kaicheng, not being a gentleman by any means, of course, didn\'t hesitate to strike a woman. He raised his hand to resist, wishing to overpower Shen Hanxing, to make her beg for mercy on her knees. However, as soon as he extended his fist, Shen Hanxing intercepted it and proceeded to rain down a barrage of relentless blows upon him.

Mo Kaicheng was dumbfounded. What was wrong with this woman? She was so beautiful, yet her punches were so painful. At first, Mo Kaicheng managed to endure, gritting his teeth to avoid embarrassing himself. But later, he couldn\'t bear it any longer. It was too agonizing! He desperately tried to evade the blows, but he couldn\'t escape. In the end, Shen Hanxing\'s fist landed on his nose, causing it to bleed profusely.

"Stop! I was wrong, Mrs. Ji... I really was wrong, please spare me!" Mo Kaicheng wailed, tears and mucus streaming down his face, no longer concerned about maintaining his superior image.

Upon witnessing his sorry state, Shen Hanxing\'s eyes revealed a touch of contempt. "Weren\'t you all high and mighty? Weren\'t you looking down on people with your nose in the air?"

"I won\'t dare anymore, never again..." Mo Kaicheng\'s face was a mess, with bruises and blood stains all mixed up, making him look disheveled. He grovelled in a lowly manner, "Please, no more beating, I really understand my mistake."

Even though Shen Hanxing knew well that Mo Kaicheng was only begging for mercy because of the pain, not because he truly understood his wrongdoing, she still let him go. After all, they were in a police station, and she had already given Mo Kaicheng a thorough beating. If things escalated further, Mo Kaicheng\'s family wouldn\'t dare to trouble her, but they might redirect their anger toward the police officers.

Shen Hanxing clenched her fist and waved it in front of Mo Kaicheng. "Let me tell you, this matter isn\'t finished."

Mo Kaicheng lay on the ground like a dead dog, keeping his head down and staying silent. In a place out of sight, his eyes emitted a venomous gleam. That despicable woman, Shen Hanxing, deserved to die! And those police officers standing by and enjoying the show, they all deserved to die too! Once he contacted his family, he would make sure that everyone here paid the price!

Just as Mo Kaicheng seethed with resentment, a sudden sharp pain shot through his leg. Looking up, he saw a pair of sleek black designer shoes pressing firmly against his leg bone. On the surface, it seemed like a light step, but the force behind it couldn\'t be ignored. It felt as if his bones were on the verge of snapping, and what made it even more terrifying was that no matter how much strength he exerted, he couldn\'t budge an inch.

Mo Kaicheng struggled in vain for a moment, his fearful gaze meeting Ji Yan\'s deep black eyes. Those eyes, looking at him, seemed to be staring at some lifeless object.

"It seems that Young Master Mo hasn\'t fully comprehended the gravity of his mistakes," Ji Yan looked down at Mo Kaicheng condescendingly. "I will have someone closely monitor the progress of this case. If the Mo Family intends to make any moves..." His thin lips curved slightly with a chilling arc as he casually remarked, "It would be wise to consider your own weight."

Mo Kaicheng\'s face instantly turned pale. It was a threat, even if he was ignorant and incompetent, he knew Ji Yan\'s position in S City. This demonic-like figure, even if his father personally came, could only flatter him with a smiling face. If Ji Yan really targeted Bingxin Entertainment and wanted to send him to prison, things would become serious. Even though Ji Corporation was not directly involved in the entertainment industry, Bingxin Entertainment was still insignificant in front of Ji Yan.

Mo Kaicheng\'s face then turned ashen, his leg throbbing with pain. He mustered a forced smile and spoke in a low and submissive voice, "President Ji, this is just a minor conflict between me and Mrs. Ji. It shouldn\'t escalate to this extent, right? Ji Corporation is indeed formidable, but Bingxin Entertainment has also made significant progress over the years. My father speaks highly of you, President Ji, praising your outstanding achievements. There\'s no need for us to turn this into a big fuss over a trivial matter, right, President Ji?"