The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 960 Report to the Police!

Chapter 960 Report to the Police!

Shen Hanxing\'s voice turned grave. "The law will give him the punishment he deserves and teach him a lesson in being a decent human being."

Upon hearing this, Mo Kaicheng burst into arrogant laughter. "Mrs. Ji, seriously? Even at this point, you\'re still so naive?" He completely disregarded being in the police station and boldly declared in front of the numerous police officers, "Now you belong to the privileged class. Do you really think I\'ll be punished? What a joke!" As the heir of Bingxin Entertainment, with his father having only one son like him, would they let him go to jail? Even if he were to be caught and brought to the police station, his father would do everything to get him out. So he had nothing to fear.

Han Yin trembled with anger upon seeing Mo Kaicheng\'s demeanor, and the surrounding police officers also couldn\'t hide their disgust and fury. But what rendered them powerless was the overwhelming power of Bingxin Entertainment. As long as they could persuade Qin Na not to pursue the matter and then pin the blame on someone else, even the police couldn\'t do anything to him.

Seeing the furious gazes of everyone, Mo Kaicheng\'s smile grew wider. "So, what can you do by arresting me? Hahaha! Bunch of fools!"

Mo Kaicheng\'s arrogant appearance made everyone itch to give him a beating! Han Yin\'s teeth itched with anger, her eyes turning red. She couldn\'t understand why, despite diligently acting in her films, she had provoked such a demon as Mo Kaicheng and suffered this unjust calamity. She was accused of being a murderer while the real culprit arrogantly flaunted his confidence at the police station. Suddenly, a sense of powerlessness and despair overwhelmed her.

The police officers were also enraged, but due to their roles as law enforcement, they couldn\'t take any action. n..o--v--e(-L/)B-/1--n

Just then, accompanied by a dull and teeth-gritting sound, Mo Kaicheng let out a painful cry. A handsome fist appeared, striking his face with lightning speed. The taste of blood filled his mouth, and half of his face went numb.

With that punch, Mo Kaicheng felt his head go dizzy.

"You\'re quite arrogant, aren\'t you?" Shen Hanxing stepped forward, her slender palm grabbing Mo Kaicheng\'s collar. Anger blazed in her black and white eyes. "You think you\'re so impressive, so proud of yourself?" She raised her fist and delivered another hook punch to Mo Kaicheng. "Scum! Beast!"

Mo Kaicheng had no strength to resist, only letting out a groan. Pain covered his once arrogant face, leaving him in a sorry state.

Han Yin\'s eyes sparkled as she covered her mouth, trying to contain her excitement. She admired Shen Hanxing so much. Sister Hanxing was truly cool!

"You\'re seeking death!" After recovering, Mo Kaicheng exploded in anger. "Police, are you all blind? Didn\'t you see someone hitting me? Arrest her immediately! I\'ll sue her for intentional harm!" He was infuriated. He had never experienced such humiliation before, not to mention being beaten in a police station. How could Shen Hanxing dare to lay a hand on him in front of so many police officers?

The police officers\' eyes flickered with anger, but they were bound by their duties and couldn\'t turn a blind eye. Just as a female officer was torn between frustration and anger, a middle-aged police officer beside her suddenly patted her shoulder and said, "Ms. Zhao, have you noticed that a piece of paint has been chipped off our police car? We need to report it and get it fixed."

The policewoman was taken aback. Wasn\'t that paint chipped off over two months ago? While she was still in a daze, the other police officers caught on.

"Yeah, the police car is our department\'s image. It damages our dignity if we go out with a car that has chipped paint."

"This car has been in use for a long time. We might as well inspect it and see if any parts have aged..."

The police officers in the room chimed in, except for those busy with their tasks. They all rushed outside, focusing their attention on the police car, without sparing a glance in Shen Hanxing\'s direction.

The policewoman\'s face was filled with astonishment. She wanted to say something, but the middle-aged police officer led her to the window and earnestly asked, "Ms. Zhao, you\'re a fresh university graduate. Take a look, does the police car need a complete makeover?"

"Yes..." the policewoman replied dazedly.

The police officers engaged in a serious discussion about the police car, completely oblivious to the incident of assault, reporting, and intentional harm. They simply didn\'t see it!

Witnessing this scene, a smile played across Shen Hanxing\'s eyes, while Mo Kaicheng was driven to the brink of madness. His face was throbbing with pain, almost losing sensation. Blood trickled from the corners of his mouth, staining his shirt. He couldn\'t be more disheveled.