Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 295 Escort

It was only a moment before the witnesses followed the advice and began to scatter in all directions.

"I knew something felt off," Xuefeng commented as he observed the dead body in front of him. The purple Thunder was so powerful it burned the flesh into ashes.

"It seems like Dragon Race is quite overbearing in their own Realm. Everyone is afraid of them," Lisa pointed out as she hugged Xuefeng tighter. "I don't mind staying with the girls until you solve this issue. I will only disturb you if they try to fight."

Xuefeng appreciated her understanding and kissed her as Ling brought her inside her space. Lisa was only there to absorb the Earth Flame on the spot while any conflicts were for him to handle.

"You can stop it from burning," Xuefeng suggested while embracing Thunder Goddess by the waist. "We need some evidence or else this will go on forever."

Xuefeng wasn't mad at her for killing since he would do the same if she decided to spare that man. He has already sealed his fate the moment he threatened to take one of his women.

"The Sacred Month must be the opening of the Dragon Pit. Seems like they are protecting the humans from flying into the restricted zones," Thunder Goddess guessed while flicking her finger to extinguish the flames. "How about we sneak inside and just take what we want by ourselves?"

"That's the worst case scenario and you can only do it if nothing else works. We don't want to ruin our relationship with the Dragon Race," Xuefeng replied casually. "What I want to know is why everyone acts like they have something stuck in their ass. Is the Dragon Race abusing the Cultivators coming to their Realm?"

Those cowards immediately run away as soon as Thunder Goddess killed someone as if they would be the ones claimed as criminals. In the Heaven Realm it was the exact opposite. More people would gather to watch the show since they knew they were safe.

"Sir, please run! They will kill you when they find you!"

Just as Xuefeng wondered what was going on, they saw a kid run out of the forest and cry out to warn them. His face was overwhelmed with fear as he gaze between them and the sky but he braved himself to help them.

"Is that so?" Xuefeng asked interested. "What if I'm innocent? That man was the one assaulting my woman."

"That doesn't matter," the boy shook his head abruptly. "Members of the Dragon Race can get away with anything, even murder. They are lawless within the Dragon Realm and can do anything to anyone. The only ones they can't do anything are their own people."

"So that's why everyone is walking on needles," Xuefeng muttered out loud. "Does that mean such incidents happens often?"

"Yes, Sir! Very often! My mother was taken to service a group of old men and she never came back," the boy called out with pure hatred in his eyes. "I saw it happen to many other girls too, but most of them don't even resist. They came here to marry a Dragon in the first place. They think they can improve their status this way but it all ends up the same. They are just using them to satisfy their desires."

That was exactly what Xuefeng wanted to know.

'Dragon Realm has changed since the last time I have been here,' Ming said with distaste. 'Back then they were a respectful race that wouldn't do anything that can dishonor their race. I guess they adapted after they tasted the pleasures of the human body and decided to take advantage of it. No one can stop them since it's their Realm and Human Cultivators entered on their own free will.'

Xuefeng looked up at the sky and saw tens of Dragons slowly shift their flight in their direction. They were roaring and bursting out flames as if to intimidate with their power but Xuefeng wasn't even a bit impressed.

"Sir! Quick! They are already coming for you!" the boy cried out in panic seeing the incoming swarm which caused Xuefeng to chuckle.

He withdrew the Storage Ring from the dead body and threw it at the kid. "Don't worry, we will be fine. You can take this as my thanks and go."

"Yes, Sir!" the boy nodded excitedly and ran off into the forest without looking back. Xuefeng could tell by his gaze he was helping him to get a reward.

"Shall we kill them?" Thunder Goddess suggested as purple lightning buzzed on her palm. "They all look weak."

Based on their size, the Dragons looked like they just entered the adult life which could explain why they were so chaotic. Old Dragons wouldn't lower themselves to seeking pleasures from other races.

"They are still Drakos and Katherine's family, so let's keep it civil unless we are threatened," Xuefeng decided as he cracked his knuckles. "Hey, do you want to see something cool?"

"Sure. What do you plan to do?" Thunder Goddess questioned curiously.

Xuefeng smiled as he placed his arms behind his back and gazed at the Dragons with confidence. "I know a special art. After I'm done with them, they won't even be mad that I killed one of them."

Thunder Goddess raised her eyebrows and he acted even before the Dragons could surround them.

"Finally! The escort has arrived!" Xuefeng called out with a nod of approval before glancing at her as if to prove his point. "See, I told you Dragon Race is the most respectful Race out there. They wouldn't leave a guest without a guide."

"Escort?" the closest Dragon repeated dumbfounded as he hovered in the sky. "You just killed one of us!"

"Oh, him?" Xuefeng asked confused as he pointed at the dead body lying on the ground. "Are you sure that he is the member of the most honorable Race in existence? Is he really a Dragon? He just insulted my wife and paid for it with his life.

His smile momentarily disappeared and Xuefeng looked at them grimly, "If he really is one of you, your Queen will have to pay a hefty price to save this Race from me."