Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 294 Dragon Realm

Xuefeng didn't mind taking all of his wives anywhere he went since he loved them dearly, but this time they decided to travel in a much smaller group.

"Are you ready?" Xuefeng questioned as he embraced Lisa and Thunder Goddess into his chest with the Cube fully charged by their side. "Hold onto me tightly."

It would only be just the three of them since everyone else wasn't ready yet. The Beasts were still busy absorbing the Fate Stones, Nuwa and Wuying continued to train Soul Arts together while his fighter wives were too engrossed in developing their techniques. The benefits of Emi's Realm were too hard to ignore.

When Thunder Goddess heard he was leaving, she acted like she wouldn't take a no as an answer. Xuefeng didn't mind taking her though since he needed someone to take care of Lisa in case he needed to leave her alone.

"Mhmm, I'm ready!" Lisa replied excitedly and kissed him for the hundredth time. "Thank you!"

The idea of having her own Earth Flame made her visually ecstatic. Xuefeng planned to take Yiren, Tianshi, and Mona with them too but after a night full of pleasures, he decided to give them some time to catch up with some rest.

Drakos would be a great guide in the Dragon Realm but his chances of being welcomed to his homeland were near zero. Although the Dragon Race has stopped actively chasing after him, he was still the Kingslayer and everyone hated him.

"Alright, let's go," Xuefeng announced after sending everyone off with his gaze and pulled the girls into the Cube. It momentarily buzzed and sucked them inside.

Ming was the only one who knew the location of the Dragon Realm, so he left everything to her.

'We were able to enter the Fate Kingdom so breaking into Dragon Realm shouldn't be that hard,' Ming commented as the Cube finally reacted to her command.

The entry to the Dragon Realm was locked during the time of Dragon Pit opening but they didn't have any other choice. Even if they experienced hostility, they could always leave as seamlessly as they arrived.

'Alright, let me know when we arrive,' Xuefeng replied as he expected a few minutes of travel but Ming surprised him with immediate news. 'Actually, you might want to go out and see for yourself. We have already arrived.'

Just as she informed, the Cube buzzed as if announcing that it has completed its mission and Xuefeng was free to leave.

'It seems like Emi's Realm had a calm space pathway towards the Dragon Realm, making the teleportation almost instant,' Ming guessed.

Xuefeng hesitated for a moment, but he still pulled everyone outside to see for himself. His feet immediately touched the ground and his pores breathed in the strong Elemental Qi in the air.

"Whoa… Is this really a Dragon Realm?"

All three of them spoke at the same time as they couldn't believe what was ahead of them. They stood on the mountain cliff and watched an endless mix of lakes, forests and rivers until the horizon. Xuefeng expected to see dusty wastelands with flames and lava, but it was all grass and beautiful nature all around.


Just as they watched the place with widened eyes, they were awakened by a Dragon cry from above. Only then did they realize the small black dots in the sky were not birds but rather Dragons who enjoyed flying freely across their lands.

"Hey, look here!" Lisa suddenly called out as she pointed in another direction. "I can see a city."

Xuefeng raised his eyes in disbelief only to witness it with his own eyes. Even though it couldn't compare to the Heaven Realm, the city was still gigantic. Countless Dragons flew in and out of the city but it didn't seem any different than any human city. The only difference he could notice with a naked eye was the numerous tall buildings where Dragons could land.

"Why didn't Katherine tell us about it? Didn't she say the Dragon Pit is located in the red desert with spike-like towers?" Xuefeng complained about the obvious miscommunication. "It looks like either humans has started to live in the Dragon Realm or the Dragon Race began to live like humans."

Even Ming was clueless since it has been thousands of years since she has visited this place. "This is weird. I chose this location since this is the tallest mountain. Back then, the Dragon Realm wasn't as green as it is now. Maybe the Dragon Race adapted to accommodate other races in this small part of the Realm."

"There is only one way to find out," Xuefeng replied as his Golden Wings burst out of his back and he pulled Lisa into his arms. "Let's get down and ask around."

Thunder Goddess followed closely behind as they flew down in low altitude to not gather too much attention. He tried to pull out his Bard's Compass which could lead him to the nearest treasure and just as he expected, it failed him. Instead of showing the exact location, it was spinning around as if the treasures were everywhere.

Sure enough, Lisa was on cloud nine when they decided to land and search for new herbs to her collection. They didn't really need to go far to find Spirit Herbs that grew naturally as if it was simple grass.

"This is madness… I can stay here all day just to gather herbs," Lisa announced as she carefully extracted another flower into a special box. "There is Dragon Grass everywhere and I even found a Fire Clove and a Jade Weed. Do you know how rare they are?"

"We can always come here later so you can take your time gathering a stockpile," Xuefeng assured. "Let's focus on our goal first before it's too late."

Lisa's eyes brightened and she kept everything in her Storage Ring as they departed for the city. Getting the Earth Flame was worth millions of times more than all those plants combined.

It wasn't long before they met their first humans as they neared the city walls in the distance. They were queuing up to enter the city with an unusual order. Even though Xuefeng couldn't see any Safe Zone barrier surrounding the city, no one really tried to skip the line.

"Something weird is going on here," Xuefeng commented in confusion as he skimmed above them. All the cultivators on the ground looked at him as if he was an idiot but no matter what it was, Xuefeng didn't have the patience to be a good boy.

Their actions didn't go unnoticed for long as a giant shadow blocked the sun and they saw a member of a Dragon Race glide above them. Xuefeng only sighed and stopped before they even said anything but that didn't change anything.

"Hey! How dare you fly during the Sacred Month?!" the Dragon roared in a deep voice before turning into his Humanoid Form. "Do you want to die?!"

A man with black scales on his face stared them down with a frown only for his eyes to light up when he saw two beauties by Xuefeng's side. He pointed at Thunder Goddess and threatened, "You are lucky I'm in good mood today. If you don't want me to take away your Dragon Tokens, you will come with me for personal inspection."

"Oh man, you just chose a wrong woman to—"

Xuefeng couldn't even finish his words when purple lightning left Thunder Goddess' palm and it pierced straight through the man's forehead. The whole crowd beneath them froze on the spot with fear written all over their faces.

"She killed a member of Dragon Race! Run or we are doomed!"