The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 599 Chapter 596:Argument

Chapter 599 Chapter 596:Argument

"You look like someone out of the world."

"It makes me jealous when I think you have to appear before others. Why are you so beautiful that I find it hard to take my eyes off you?"

"Gibberish!"Riya slapped the back of Alex\'s hand.

"Stop your sleazy lines. Save some for others or else you will better know the consequences."Riya snorted.

Lucas chuckled and looked down.

Since Riya\'s body was complete there was no need to waste any more time loitering in heaven. No matter how peaceful it was, only when his five wives accompanied him, and he could breathe in relief.

"It was a good honeymoon spot, alas!"

"If the Goddesses hear your words, they would be over your throat, "Riya muttered.

Carrying Riya in his arms, Alex descended to heaven. With a flash, his image flickered over Zenith.

Taking a deep breath, as soon as he looked down, his jaw opened wide.

He blinked his eyes for a moment wondering if he came to the wrong place.

"Are you sure about that?"

Instead of looking at him, she stared at the nobles sitting in the hall.

"It seems, we came to the wrong place Riya."

Riya fell into a stupor seeing the city.

At the entrance of the city, a humongous black dragon head was plastered with a ferocious expression.

"Where did they get the dragon head?"Riya asked in surprise.

"I don\'t know."

Alex then glanced at the city.

The city wall seemed to be modified and built over again. There was only one entrance to Zenith before but now there are several entrances.

The surrounding forest had been cleared off and many small buildings of some kind factories were present. Many intensive pathways are carved on the forest land that emerged from the city.

"Let\'s head inside."

Instead of heading straight to the castle, Alex and Riya strolled around.

"Alex, isn\'t the housing structure different? It is similar to the ones you draw in Nevan."Riya muttered.


Alex, who was observing the city structure, and sewage at the roadside, was started when heard a ringing sound.

Then he saw several people riding cycles. The people looked like a commoner which signified that they had launched cycles for the commoner when he was absent.

"I can\'t wait to see what more changes there are in the city."


Inside the Throne room.

Aside from the seat of the Emperor, five seats were crafted on the raised platform.

"Speaking of the revenue generated in the last month, we aren\'t doing well. Why don\'t we increase the taxes? The dropped taxes severely affected the nobles."Solanar, who was now appointed as Prime Minister, spoke staring at Yvonne and Catherine proceeding over the meeting.

"Are you sure about that?"

Instead of looking at him, she stared at the nobles sitting in the hall.

"The recent war had also affected the commoners. Unlike you who have heaps of gold, commoners can\'t sustain for long."Yvonne spoke.

"You want them to pay your taxes and fill your pocket when they can\'t even afford their food. His Majesty planned to lower the taxes to 15% but due to your all harsh resistance, we finally compromised and settled at 35%. Now you want to increase it to 50%. If you force them like this, they\'re gonna rebel.\'\' Catherine\'s cold voice echoed.

"Your Highness, previously the tax rate used to be at 60% and during the period of war, it was increased to 80%. Currently, our tax rates are half of it so our revenue is gonna dip down."A noble stood up voicing his thoughts.

"Yes Your Highness, please reconsider."

"Do you all know the repercussions of doing this?"Yvonne asked with a slight annoyance.

With the purge of many nobles, Catherine drafted newer ones quite meticulously. All of them at first worked well for the cause of the nation but as they started to reign, their mindset started to change.

Humans are subjected to change. Especially people who suddenly gain many things.

Catherine stared at them with a sigh. Each one of them was a fox. Due to the lower tax rate, the money coming into the pocket had significantly decreased and due to the abolishment of slavery and many other things, they couldn\'t partake in illegal practice.

However, if things go on like this, Catherine was sure that these people would start doing illegal things so she needed to cut them before that.

"Let\'s wait for now. Once the situation stabilises, we will talk about this."Catherine muttered while making sure to find out all their weaknesses.

"I don\'t understand why we have to think about their welfare. It\'s the right of the commoner to serve us."A noble named Tarkel shouted.

"What Count Tarkel said was correct. Why do we have to waste time thinking about them? Your Highness said about commoners rebelling but I think this is a joke. Do they even have the strength to rebel? We can kill them easily."Marquise Heiz spoke with a proud look.

"Who is that bastard talking about killing here?"

Before Catherine could remind them, a loud hoarse voice echoed in the room sending shivers down their spine.

The door of the Throne room opened, and a man with a bloody aura walked in escorting a girl.

"His Majesty!\'\'

"His Majesty is back."

"Your Highness!"

All the people standing there bowed down and greeted him but Alex, ignoring them, walked towards the Throne with Riya.

Holding her hand, Alex first made Riya sit down on a Throne and then walked towards Catherine and Yvonne who stared at him with bewilderment.

Smiling, he kneeled and holding both of their hands, gave a gentle kiss on the back of the hands.

"You have it hard. You all have become so skinny. Seeing your haggard look makes my heart wrench."

"Now that I am here, I will feed you until you have become a pig!"

"Sheesh!"Catherine and Yvonne averted their gaze.

"Can\'t you utter anything good except nonsense?"

They wanted to speak and retract their hands, but they were too emotional to speak. Their bodies seemed to freeze and melt due to Alex\'s touch.

It had been seven months since they saw him and their heart longing for him.


"Your Majesty, you should save this for later."Solanar reminded.

"Hmph!"Alex stood up and snorted"I am just greeting my wife. Stop being jealous. It\'s not my fault that your wife doesn\'t love you like mine, making you cheat on them.Unlike you, I can\'t bear to part with them."

The nobles standing there felt their heart stabbed with arrows.

Alex then took his place and asked"What is going on here?"

Solanar gave a summary of the events. The more Alex hears, the more his expression is distorted.

"Your Highness, I request an increase tax rate. If they dare to do something, leave the things to me. I will handle it properly."Tarkel spoke, stepping forward.

"Your Highness, we request you to increase the tax."

"Yes, Your Highness!"

"We are asking this for the whole Empire, not for us."

Glancing around, Alex\'s lips curled upward.


"Great!" n--o(.v/.E-/l-/B))1((n

Alex made a happy expression and his gaze locked onto Tarkel.

\'He never imagined that the people would dare to talk back at him like this.\'

Most of the people here didn\'t know the notoriety of Alex. The noble who had not seen his slaughter had been leaving silently as if they were dead.

Deathly chill erupted from Alex\'s body.

Riya, Catherine and Yvonne felt their hearts frozen.

It was then before anyone could react, Tarkel\'s body disappeared before everyone\'s eyes and it appeared under Alex\'s feet.

Looking at him without any empathy, Alex said"You all talk too much."