Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 37 - I'm Not the One Whose Bones Are Broken

Chapter 37: I’m Not the One Whose Bones Are Broken

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Most of Ye Jian’s colleagues at the security company were retired soldiers, and some of them were discharged from the Special Forces.

She had seen them train diligently and fight in battles. She had witnessed them making a deadly move or gaining an upper hand in a second.

She could even see some of her extremely outstanding colleagues on television.

The happiest moments in her past life was from 21 years old to 23. It was during that period that she had learned the most.

It was not until today did she realize that those hardships were actually blessings.

“Does it hurt? I don’t think so. I haven’t used much strength yet,” Ye Jian smiled gently. Her watery pupils seemed like a pair of black obsidians. “I told you to get off, but you didn’t. Now that I have stood up and invited you to leave, you said it hurts. Liao Jian, you’ve put me in a difficult situation.”

Her image, her smile, and her voice were all very comforting as if she had brought everyone out to nature surrounded by mountains and flowing spring water.

Was she Ye Jian? Was she truly Ye Jian?

From the students’ memory, Ye Jian was too gentle and obedient. If anyone judged her, she would just smile and listen to them quietly. If anyone scolded her, she would only remain silent as if she was a soulless puppet that had no thought of her own but to obey others’ orders.

The moment Liao Jian screamed in pain, the whole class realized that the old Ye Jian had disappeared! After being bullied by her classmates and cornered by Ye Ying, Ye Jian had got rid of her meek personality.

“Ye Jian, be gentle. You are not going to get away with it if you break his bones.” other boys spoke up with hesitation. They felt like their own fingers were in pain as they saw the weird angle of Liao Jian’s.

Ye Jian glanced at them, smiling. She had remembered their names as soon as she saw them, who also liked bullying her in the old days.

One, two, three, four, plus this one in my hand. Not bad. All five of them were here.

“He is the one in pain if his bones are broken. I don’t see any bad consequences for me.” as Ye Jian pinched harder, Liao Jian screamed in an even higher pitch, making the four boys withdrew several steps in unison.

“They are broken! Broken! Let go of me!” Liao Jian screamed painfully non-stop.

“Do you need me to tell you to get off my desk again?” Ye Jian was aware of her strength. Besides, there was no way that she would break off her classmates’ fingers. “Do you still have the guts to bully me?”

Damn it! Who dared to bully her?!

From her usual behavior, she did seem like an easy target to bully. However, she was terrifying once she was provoked.

“No, no, I swear, I swear! Fu*k! Ouch! That hurts!” Liao Jian apologized repeatedly as he felt his finger about to break. Ye Jian didn’t let go of him until his finger became numb.

Now that his finger was free, Liao Jian shook his hand and glared at Ye Jian violently, “Ye Jian, Y… you, damn it!”

Ye Jian made eye contact with him and squinted. The look in her eyes was more ferocious than those shooting from the boy.

Liao Jian’s heart raced. He repeated “okay” three times and went back to his own seat reluctantly.

Ye Jian raised her eyebrows and giggled nonchalantly at his reluctance.