Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 2991 Afraid

Chapter 2991 Afraid

They had to pass through a minefield before passing through the swamp. It was 8 am now, and there were only two courses left for the Chinese participants.

After undergoing the test of survival, their iron-like bodies were tempered again. When they entered the swamp, even strong special forces soldiers like Xia Jinyuan and Li Jinnian staggered.

Looking at the endless swamp in front of her, Ye Jian\'s heart skipped a beat. She couldn\'t help but look for the figure that had always made her feel at ease.

Xia Jinyuan was wrapping the safety rope around his shoulder. It was a very important tool to cross the swamp.Sometimes, it could even save lives.

After setting up the safety rope, he raised his gaze and looked beside him. Past Big Shark and G3, his gaze met Ye Jian\'s.

The weather wasn\'t good. It was so gloomy that it made people panic. Ye Jian stared at the young lieutenant colonel who was like a towering mountain. She saw that his eyes, which were as vast as the universe and deep as a mirror, contained no panic. Just by looking at him, Ye Jian felt her flustered heart slowly calm down.

Actually, he was very cold too. Even his lips were purple from the cold. When he massaged her legs just now, she could clearly feel that his fingers were so cold that they were trembling. He and her cousin were commanders, but as the captain, it was even harder for him. When the team rested, the others could still close their eyes to rest. As for him... he still needed to make use of the time to adjust the tactics to prevent them from losing too badly.

He was so tired, but he never complained. This young lieutenant colonel carried the heavy responsibility of the entire team. He didn\'t even dare to say the words \'I\'m tired.\'

If he did, the soldiers\' morale would crumble.

After four days and four nights, the man she loved deeply had lost a lot of weight. Because he had lost weight, even his usually gentle eyes were as sharp as swords.

Ye Jian wanted to smile at him, but when she saw his tired handsome face and bloodshot eyes, she couldn\'t smile.

She couldn\'t smile, but Xia Jinyuan could. His gaze was gentle, and his smile was soft. All the hardships in his deep eyes automatically disappeared. In the center of his pupils, there was only Ye Jian\'s figure.

"I\'m here."

His thin lips, which were purple from the cold, moved slightly. He communicated with Ye Jian silently in front of their comrades. After mouthing three words, he retracted his gaze and communicated with G3 and Sparrowhawk.

"The swamp is too big. I just noticed that there are some animal skeletons in the swamp. This means that there\'s a lot of mud and quicksand. G3, walk behind Sparrowhawk and follow him closely. You have to protect Sparrowhawk\'s safety. If anything happens, rescue him immediately."

His deep voice was hoarse. Ye Jian slowly retracted her gaze and moved her hands and feet.

Some jackdaws flew over the swamp, leaving behind a series of unpleasant sounds. In the primeval forest in the east of Estonia, the pitch-black jackdaws could be seen at any time. Sometimes, the unpleasant sounds would come from the treetops in the middle of the night. After listening to it for a long time, one would get used to it.

Ye Jian sniffed lightly. After a while, she forced a smile. It was a little stiff, but at least she was calm.

Li Jinnian heaved a sigh of relief. He took a deep breath of cold air and exhaled.n..o--v--e(-L/)B-/1--n