Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 4217: Dark Creatures

Chapter 4217 Dark Creatures

Nine enormous golden dragons suddenly twitched, their eyes moving as if they had been bestowed with life. The next moment, a terrible aura rapidly rose.

When a pillar of golden light erupted out of the barrier above the nine dragons, the dragons directly pierced the barrier around the martial stage and soared into the clouds.

After that, the golden pillar thickened, growing until there was an enormous passageway stretching beyond the nine heavens. As soon as this passageway appeared, black qi gushed out from above the nine heavens, infecting the golden passageway until it turned black as well.

Following that, a scene that terrified everyone appeared. Countless lifeforms began to flood out of that giant passageway.

Upon seeing those lifeforms, Xia Chen and the others let out startled cries.

“Dark creatures!”

They hadn’t expected to see dark creatures here. These beings emanated the same ominous auras as those found in the life-forbidden area. However, the notable distinction lay in the fact that the dark creatures here were significantly stronger and far more brutal.

“Monsters! Monsters!”

When the flood of creatures appeared, everyone was dumbfounded. Unable to comprehend what was going on, they immediately stopped killing each other. Was this not a fight for karmic luck? How could a gate to hell open here?

Many people had never seen dark creatures before. Hence, seeing the unknown, they were filled with fright.

These creatures had giant heads, elongated hands, and weird-looking feet. Their mouths occupied half of their heads, their jagged fangs resembling sawteeth, flickering with cold light. Their very presence exuded an aura of unquenchable bloodlust.

“What is going on?!”

The experts outside the martial stage were also stunned. Even the seniors didn’t all recognize these creatures.

However, given their brutal gazes, sharp claws, and sinister appearances, everyone knew that they were not some kindhearted species.

As for those who recognized these dark creatures, their expressions were even worse than the others.

“How can this be? After the primal chaos battle, aren’t the dark creatures restricted to the life-forbidden area? They aren’t supposed to be able to get out!” cried out a horrified elder.

“Dark creatures have appeared. Is this the eve of another dark battle?” This person’s voice quivered, his eyes full of fear.

On the martial stage, everyone fell silent, feeling terrified. The various lifeforms only stared at the dark creatures, not even daring to move. As for those dark creatures, they seemed to be curiously eyeing the situation below, not moving either.

Guo Ran gulped. “Maybe they won’t come down!”

Guo Ran had barely spoken when those dark creatures let out strange cries. The next moment, a dark flood crashed down from the heavens.

“Retreat! Use the barrier as the foundation of our defense!” shouted Long Chen.

The moment these dark creatures appeared, Long Chen’s heart shuddered. The Blood Qi of these creatures was even stronger than the ones from the life-forbidden area.

Obeying his command, the Dragonblood warriors immediately fell back. As for the other disciples with them, their reactions were a step slower. Fortunately, hearing Long Chen’s warning, they rapidly retreated as well.

Their side was the first to reach the outer barrier. With this, their rear was safe, protected by a wall.

On the other hand, countless lifeforms roared and charged at the dark creatures.

“What fools. This is the trial of the Sage King Convention. Whoever kills more dark creatures will become the future Sage King!”

When one of the experts voiced this notion, the crowd was immediately drawn to that idea. After all, this was the Sage King martial stage; these monsters couldn’t just appear for no reason. With that person’s lead, countless people charged into the deluge of dark creatures.

Even peak experts went against the flow of dark creatures, relentlessly cutting through their ranks and engaging in merciless slaughter.

These dark creatures were numerous, but their power could only be considered average within the Immortal King realm. They might be fatal to ordinary Immortal Kings, but to peak experts, they weren’t that difficult to deal with.


Countless experts from diverse races rushed head-on toward the dark creatures. Their combined might was overwhelming, swiftly slaying the dark creatures before they could even land on the ground.

In fact, there weren’t enough dark creatures to go around. Seeing that there was no danger, more and more people joined the fray.

However, Long Chen continued to just watch, seeming to not have any intention of fighting. At this time, the disciples behind him grew anxious.

“Should we attack as well?”

“If you want to attack, go ahead. However, I’ll give you a warning first. Once someone leaves our ranks, they won’t be able to come back. My boss could save you once, but he can’t save you for a lifetime. Your lives are your own. Make your own decisions,” said Guo Ran coldly.

Some of those people were displeased by Guo Ran’s response, so one of them coldly said, “You saved us, so we owe you a debt. But if you think that you can order us around because of this, you’re going too far. Also, even if you hadn’t saved us, it would have only taken us some more time on the stairs. Don’t try to act as our savior and order us around.”

The expressions of the Dragonblood warriors sank. This person was actually so blind.

“What bullshit are you spouting at? If it weren’t for senior apprentice-brother Long Chen taking us in, we’d have long since died on the stairs. Now, your mouth is quite tough, but when the others wanted to kill us, you didn’t do anything. You’re just a dog biting the hand that feeds you,” shouted someone else within their ranks.

“Hmph, spineless brats. We really have different Daos. I have nothing to say to you.” That person then turned to Long Chen. “Long Chen, I owe you a debt. I, Wang Panshan, will definitely repay you. However, I still have my freedom, and I will not be bound by anything. Everyone, farewell.”

After saying that, this person left their group, taking out his weapon and charging toward the core. As soon as he entered the flood of dark creatures, he killed quite a few. It seemed that he really did have some skill.

“I’m sorry. I’m going too.” Quite a few people also left, following him.

Driven by the sight of everyone else killing the dark creatures, they were afraid that they would be eliminated from the Sage King Convention if they stayed idle. Ignoring Guo Ran’s warning, millions of people left.

With these people’s departure, more and more people were tempted. Guo Ran was about to speak when Long Chen raised his hand.

“Meeting is the start of destiny, leaving is the end of destiny. There is no way to change some things. Everyone’s life is their own. Don’t vainly try to change other people’s fates. I could only give them one chance, but not a second one.”

Around six to seven million experts left their group. Long Chen didn’t stop them. However, the majority continued to trust Long Chen and patiently waited here.

Suddenly, the flood of dark creatures grew berserk, and countless dark creatures with silver lines on their bodies descended from the heavens.