My Rich Wife

Chapter 2336 - 2336 Glazed Holy Body

Chapter 2336 Glazed Holy Body

It was the skeleton burned to ashes by the flame of the Vermilion Bird previously.

"Qin Yu!"

Jue Wu\'s body trembled as she shouted.

"Don\'t touch him! The remaining breath of the Vermilion Bird on his body seemed to have been extinguished by him!"

Mr. Wu had also seen such a "patient" for the first time. He had visited Qin Yu from time to time over the past ten days or so.

However, he did not expect the person who was supposed to die to revive today.

Only a section of Qin Yu\'s spine and skull were left when the necrotic bones dissipated.

The rest of the bones were shining with a glass-like luster. Mr. Wu stared at the glass-like bones with a look of disbelief.

He took out a small knife and injected spiritual energy into it. Immediately, the knife emitted a True Saint Qi.

Mr. Wu slashed at Qin Yu\'s bone without hesitation, but he did not expect his knife to rebound, even before it could touch the spine.

"The formation of this small knife has been destroyed entirely, and the internal structure has also completely shattered." n--0veLb1n

Ji Yue picked up the knife and threw it casually. The knife broke into pieces when it touched the ground.

"Glazed Holy Body! This is the embryonic form of the Glazed Holy Body!"

Mr. Wu said in shock. The Glazed Holy Body was the only holy body formed after birth.

Its body needed to be tempered by the scorching flames until its bones and muscles were like glass.

There was no upper limit to the ultimate strength of this kind of holy body. It depended on the body-tempering methods acquired later.

Qin Yu\'s remaining spine and skull seemed to have gathered all the essence in his body.

"This time, he overcame the flame of the Vermilion Bird. Once his body recovers, his strength will definitely increase greatly."

"How long will Qin Yu take to recover?"Jue Wu said worriedly.

"It\'s hard to say. New bones and flesh will grow slowly with the spine as the base point. The Glazed Holy Body is considered to have taken its initial form when it\'s all completed. This process may take several years or decades. Once, somebody managed to refine a relic with the help of hellfire. In the end, it took nearly a hundred years for his body to grow back."

Mr. Wu was unsure.

When they left, Mr. Wu gave Ji Yue a wink.

Seeing this, Ji Yue knew Mr. Wu had something to talk to her, so she followed him out.

"Miss, actually, there\'s a way to speed up the recovery of the Glazed Holy Body."

"Then why didn\'t you say so just now?"

Ji Yue was a little dissatisfied.

"The strength of the Glazed Holy Body is comparable to a Peak Saint Weapon, and some parts are even comparable to divine artifacts. If we want to reconstruct his skeleton and flesh, we\'ll need to consume a vast amount of energy. This consumption might drain more than 70% of the Ji family\'s assets."

Mr. Wu said with a bitter smile. Wouldn\'t it be giving them hope but not helping them if he said it but could not help them,

"More than 70%? Is the Glazed Holy Body so terrifying?"

Ji Yue was also greatly shocked. The Moon Listening Pavilion had operated in Solitary Cloud City for five generations.

They had also stored a large amount of spirit essence and various supreme treasures containing the vital energy of heaven and earth.

For example, the spiritual essence that she gave Qin Yu was one of the supreme treasures that Ji Yue took from the warehouse.

"Let\'s talk about it later. Although he survived the Vermillion Bird and his future achievements are bound to be limitless, I can\'t decide to empty the Ji family\'s assets."

Ji Yue looked like she was struggling.

It was definitely a great thing for the Ji family if a person like Qin Yu could survive. It might even protect the entire family for a long Path of Heaven year.

However, this time, the price she had to pay was too great, and she could not handle it.

At this moment, Qin Yu condensed an ordinary physical body.

He transferred the vast amount of spiritual energy stored in the Sumeru ring and the spiritual energy in the Spirit Storage Bead into his body. However, he was surprised to discover that his glazed skeleton had only grown by less than a millimeter.

"This f*cking holy body should just be called the money-eating body. Even the nine great aristocratic families can\'t afford such terrifying spiritual energy."

Qin Yu looked tremendously distressed.

"Forget it. It\'s alright as long as you\'re fine. It\'s already an amazing achievement to remove the curse of the Nirvana Body this time! Moreover, you have a surprise!"

Elder Guai said with a smile.

"That\'s true. One can\'t be too greedy."

"Don\'t worry. I\'ll hunt more demon beasts for you to eat. I guarantee that you\'ll recover very quickly."

Jue Wu patted her somewhat flat chest and said proudly.

"I can now easily kill one with a punch."

When Qin Yu and the others arrived at the entrance, Jue Wu immediately went out to hunt for demonic beasts.

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment but still stayed in the city.

His current body was just like an ordinary person now. He might not be able to resist if he was attacked.

"Elder Guai, have new spatial rifts formed in the past ten days or so? There seemed to be many more powerful alien races now."

"Yeah, many human cultivators have been killed outside of Solitary Cloud City, and the demon race in purgatory is also non-stop attacking humans. Everyone is panicking now, and many people gather in Solitary Cloud City, not daring to leave."


An alien race covered in ghostly qi suddenly grabbed at Jue Wu but ended up having his head directly smashed by Jue Wu.

"Snap!" Suddenly, a ghostly hand pierced through the ghost race\'s chest and grabbed at Jue Wu\'s abdomen.

However, he could not grab through it. The ghost race hiding behind him was also directly slapped into meat paste by Jue Wu.

"What a ferocious race. These two ghost race persons probably have the strength of a fourth-grade True Saint! Is the strength of the alien race so powerful this time?"

Qin Yu frowned. It would be difficult for him even to get close to Jue Wu if he were an ordinary human True Saint.

These two from the ghost race cooperated well and did not have the slightest fear.

What if the alien race that appeared next was stronger?

Qin Yu dared not imagine.

He immediately sat down and circulated the Traceless Immortal Scripture. A vast amount of spiritual energy surged into his body like seawater.

The spiritual energy rushed into his spine like a surging tide and the ordinary bones he had condensed.

"What\'s wrong with this guy? How does he have such a terrifying disappeared.

After absorbing the vast amount of spiritual energy, new bones extended from his spine at a tremendously slow speed, replacing the ordinary bones he had condensed.

"What\'s wrong with this guy? How does he have such a terrifying cultivation technique that absorbs spiritual energy? Did he use some kinds of treasures?"

"Isn\'t this too selfish? How are we going to cultivate?"

"Look at this fellow. He\'s already absorbed spiritual energy for so long, but why is his body like a bottomless pit that hasn\'t been filled yet? At this speed, I\'m afraid even a seventh or eighth-grade would have exploded long ago!"

Qin Yu\'s unrestrained speed of absorbing spiritual energy had unintentionally attracted everyone\'s attention.

After two days, Qin Yu still cultivated at this speed. Immediately, the surrounding cultivators began to discuss animatedly.

"Hey! Quickly absorb them."

After Jue Wu returned, she threw a large pile of inner cores to Qin Yu from her spatial ring.