Legendary Armament Canon

Chapter 1245 Please Go On Your Way, He’s an Incarnation (1)

Chapter 1245 Please Go On Your Way, He’s an Incarnation (1)

The characteristics of the divine weapon that Yao Qing spoke of were almost identical to the dharma treasures that Zhou Shu had just studied.

This was definitely not a coincidence!

Even if some demonic beasts in the Demon Realm comprehended the art of forging and forged weapons, they should be the same as the connate divine weapons that Zhou Shu forged. The possibility of them being the same as the dharma treasures from the outside world was really too low.

There was another possibility. The demonic beasts were in contact with the enemy in the outside world!

In that case, this could be a serious matter.

In their world, the only enemy from the outside world that Zhou Shu knew of was Cao Chenyang.

Cao Chenyang was currently fighting with Nameless on the Myriad Worlds Communication Token. He wasn\'t in the mood to tinker with the art of forging.

Moreover, according to what Zhou Shu knew, Cao Chenyang shouldn\'t know the art of forging.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to have taught forging techniques to demonic beasts.

It was precisely because of this that Zhou Shu asked Yao Qing to put down everything and investigate this matter.

If there were other enemies from the outside world hidden in their world, they had to find them as soon as possible.

Otherwise, if the enemy invaded on a large scale, it would be troublesome if they coordinated with them from the inside.

These enemies from the outside world are really troublesome.

Zhou Shu rubbed his glabella. He had just sent Zhang San to the outside world to gather information, but there were traces of the enemy here again.

Thinking back to the dream earlier, he felt uneasy.

Even now, he still didn\'t know the origin of the Legendary Armament Canon. Back then, he had thought that the Legendary Armament Canon\'s rewards came from the Origin World. Later, he thought about it carefully. Perhaps a portion of the Legendary Armament Canon\'s rewards came from the Origin World, but it might not be all of them.

Zhou Shu still didn\'t know what kind of existence it was.

He had checked his body countless times, but he hadn\'t discovered the existence of the Legendary Armament Canon.

If the Legendary Armament Canon was a divine weapon, it should have a physical existence.

But Zhou Shu didn\'t find it.

The glimpse of the dream of the enemy from the outside world, especially the existence of the Lingxiao Treasure Palace, made him feel a little uneasy.

On the Legendary Armament Canon, there was the forging method of the Lingxiao Treasure Palace. Zhou Shu had originally researched it based on the legends of his previous life.

But why is there an almost identical Lingxiao Treasure Palace in the world of the enemy?

What does the enemy world have to do with the legends of my previous life?

At the thought of this, Zhou Shu felt flustered. If the outside world is related to the legends of my previous life, does it have anything to do with me?

Did the Legendary Armament Canon come from there?

And did I also come from... that place?!

This possibility made Zhou Shu have the urge to immediately go to that world to take a look!

Zhang San and the others have gone to investigate the situation. With my incarnation accompanying them, they should be able to bring back concrete information soon. We\'ll discuss it when they return.

Zhou Shu took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

Regardless of the relationship between the Legendary Armament Canon and the outside world, regardless of whether he had any schemes after coming to this world, now, Zhou Shu was Zhou Shu.

My fate is in my hands, not the heavens. No matter who wants to manipulate me, dream on!

I am absolutely not someone who can be manipulated!


"Haha, if the heavens didn\'t give birth to me, Cao Chenyang, comprehending the Martial Dao would take forever. Nameless, you still lost to me in the end!"

In Great Liang\'s imperial palace, Cao Chenyang, who hadn\'t left his bedroom for a long time, laughed loudly.

He was holding his Myriad Worlds Communication Token.

During this period of time, although he didn\'t leave his bedroom, he had been fighting Nameless on the Myriad Worlds Communication Token.

The two of them taught swordsmanship on the Myriad Worlds Communication Token. They shared one move after another.

Their moves targeted at each other.

This method might be a little boring to others, but it was very novel to Cao Chenyang.

His Martial Dao cultivation had already been invincible for many years. He was extremely excited to really meet an opponent.

Huh? Nameless wants to meet me at the peak of Mount Hua? It\'s not time for a battle yet. What does he want to do?

Cao Chenyang was slightly stunned when he received Nameless\'s message.

Just as he thought of a move to crack Nameless\'s sword move, he saw a message from Nameless asking to meet him.

Can\'t we communicate on the Myriad Worlds Communication Token? Why do we have to meet?

But Cao Chenyang had nothing to be afraid of. With a flash, he disappeared from the palace.

A moment later, he arrived at the peak of Mount Hua.

Cao Chenyang was confident. Mount Hua was in Great Wei, and he and Great Wei were enemies, but he wasn\'t afraid of any traps targeting him here.

"Nameless, are you completely convinced? Are you planning to admit defeat to me?" Cao Chenyang said when he saw Nameless.

Nameless was sitting on a limestone and looking at Cao Chenyang indifferently. "Admit defeat? That\'s impossible."

"If you\'re not admitting defeat. Why are you looking for me?" Cao Chenyang said unhappily. "There are many of my believers on the Myriad Worlds Communication Token waiting for my sword move today.

"I might as well tell you that I\'ve completely figured out your sword move yesterday!" nove(Lb)In

"Is that so? So what if you figured it out? It\'s not an impressive sword move," Nameless said indifferently. "Cao Chenyang, I called you over to kill you."