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Chapter 2231

Chapter 2231 "Dual-themed Heavenly Immortal Illusion Domain"

Axelle still didn't know the true ability of the immortal domain, but he tried to devour the domain anyway, and soon, he received a rush of vitality from that extremely beautiful domain. 

Axelle immediately assimilated a part of that domain, such as a small part of the river, the waterfall, or the corner of the mountain in the sky. 

The blue sky, the clouds, the mist...all of them were taken away mercilessly. 

Immediately after that, Axelle incorporated these new elements to the area around his white castle, which was the last pure land. 

The sky above the white castle turned blue, not eerie crimson and black like before. The dark clouds became soft and fluffy white clouds. The thick miasma around also became a refreshing white mist. 

These elements didn't contradict Axelle's own abilities because he was an elf, and many abilities were actually suitable for his identity.

Many times, domain thieves could not incorporate the stolen domains into their own domains because the elements inside the stolen domains conflicted with their domain. 

However, Axelle was a contradictory person, someone who was both good and evil, who was both from the dark camp and the light camp, and someone who owned a dual-themed domain. 

These contradictions just fit his domain's theme, as long as the placement was good. 

Axelle quickly added a little mountain that became a hill behind the white castle and let the small piece of waterfall fall down from the hill straight to the lake.

Then, the lake had some branching paths around the barren land, creating a small stream of pure water. 

The previously gloomy last pure land became more lively and alive just after adjusting these elements. 

If not for stealing other people's domains, Axelle knew that he would not be able to create such a new change because his abilities didn't allow him to do that. 

The grandma was a sensitive person, so she definitely knew that Axelle devoured a part of her domain, affecting the body of her real domain. 

However, even so, grandma just kept a calm face as she slowly used her domain's main ability. 

To be honest, Axelle was not the only one who had a dual-themed domain. A dual-themed domain didn't mean that the domain had to be contradictory. 

A domain that complements each other and has two main cores could also become dual-themed domains. 

Most domain cores were developed from the domain masters' abilities, usually the dominant ones. 

Then, the sub-cores came from the rest of the abilities belonging to the domain master. 

In this regard, there were actually a lot of people who had two or even three dominant abilities, and all of them were their signature abilities. 

However, when creating a domain, it was difficult to maintain the balance of two domain cores or even three domain cores because the main cores had to complement each other, creating a tightly bound connection. 

Then, the main cores would be connected to the sub-cores, just like tree roots branching everywhere. 

It was extremely difficult to balance out two themes to create two main domain cores, not to mention three cores. 

And so, most people only had one domain theme, and one main core. 

The old woman was one of the rare people like Axelle, whose main domain core was not only one but two. 

Many people didn't know the old woman's abilities and how her domain became such a place for immortals in ancient China or in cultivation novels. 

However, the old woman did have good dominant abilities to be able to live for so long and create such a domain. 

Her first ability was actually a vague ability similar to Code-L's ability and the ability shown by one of the archangels in the new century war back then. 

It was a 'miracle'. 

Yes. The ability was called a miracle because this old woman could create miracles one after another, and the way her ability worked was just so confusing that people didn't bother to analyze it anymore. 

This miracle became the domain's main theme and was projected in the form of the immortal residence in cultivation novels. 

It could indeed be called a miracle. After all, immortals themselves should be miracles, and there could be such a place in the sky, such as a floating mountain, a river in the sky, and a waterfall among the clouds...

What else does these things represent? Of course it would represent a miracle. 

Then, the second ability was something even more strange, but it just blended well with the first ability. 

It was an illusion ability. 

Illusion was a low-level ability that many people looked down upon because it was too common, but the old woman's illusion was at another level, enough to blend well with the miracle ability and create such a heavenly domain. 

No one knew whether the domain they saw, felt and experienced was an illusion or not, whether the real appearance of the domain was the same heavenly place or not. 

This combination directly made the domain owned two themes that complement each other perfectly. 

Some senior domain masters even said that the heavenly immortal domain was just the first layer of the domain, which was presented as an illusion. 

The illusion was so real that the entire domain felt as if it had a sub-domain. 

Then, there was another domain behind the one shown in the illusion, which many people never had the chance to see at all. 

Since the first layer should be an illusion-themed domain, then, the second layer, the real appearance of the domain, should be where miracles appeared. 

Illusion and miracles complemented each other because miracles could also be called illusory things. 

How ironic, right? 

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