Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5392 – Ancient Art

Chapter 5392 – Ancient Art

They once worked together and were unstoppable, especially with the addition of Swordsea Dao Lord. Today, their goal was each other’s demise.

“Brother All-things.” Illumination gazed at All-things, having a good idea of his power: “I am here for one simple reason, to take this young lady away. Please take it easy on me.”

“Brother, you know that this is an impossible request.” All-things shook his head.

“Why do you need her? To hold back Divine Alliance?” Illumination asked.

“I should be asking you that question.” All-things responded.

“My Azure School had lost numerous cultivators so an answer is required. Brother, I will commence a ceremony to appease their souls in heaven.” Illumination said.

“A living sacrifice?” All-things narrowed his eyes.

“Why not?” Illumination laughed: “Now you know the reason. Leave her to me and I will owe you a debt.”

The group exchanged glances, thinking that it wasn’t so simple. Illumination might be arrogant and ruthless but he was no fool.

Xiao Hu shuddered after hearing about the sacrificial ceremony. It would be quite pitiful for a twelve-fruit conqueror to go down in this humiliating manner.

All-things would never do such a thing but the same couldn’t be said for Illumination. He would broadcast it to the rest of the world in order to remind everyone of his reputation.

“I’m afraid I cannot oblige to your request.” All-things refused.

“Then what do you wish for? We were friends once, allies against The Race. We should be walking together once more against The Race.” Illumination laughed.

Cultivators from The People would certainly prefer this development - their apex cultivators teaming together again. They needed to throw past grievances aside and deal with the common enemy.

Of course, the ones inside the palace didn’t buy it. They had experienced Emperors War before and understood the danger of following Illumination Conqueror.

“If you work for the betterment of The People, you should obey the Pact of Blessed instead of breaking it. Ever since it became effective, both sides have been prospering and fewer cultivators have to die in battle.” All-things said.

“It is not up to us. If we don’t take the initiative, Supreme will. Heaven Alliance will not stop before we are destroyed. The only way for us to survive is to destroy Heaven Alliance and The Race.” Illumination disagreed.

“Brother, your way is contrarian to our belief. If you agree to change, then we may continue talking about cooperation. When we start wars between dao lords and conquerors, the real victims are the mortals and weaker cultivators. Peace is the right choice if we look back at the recent eras.” All-things shook his head.

“Well, there is another path.” Illumination stared at All-things and smiled suggestively.

“I am listening.” All-things responded.

“I will tell you the truth, I have access to an ancient art capable of destroying The Race in one go.” Illumination said in a dignified manner.

“An ancient art?” Listeners shuddered and exchanged glances.

“Is he lying?” Xiao Hu whispered.

Li Qiye smiled while Ferocity answered: “Someone like Illumination doesn’t need to lie.”

“What kind of art is it then?” Xiao Hu remained skeptical.

“So you’ve found it.” All-things’ expression became serious.

“I was not idle during my forced retirement.” Illumination laughed and said: “Did you really think that I would return while being empty-handed?”

“It is only a legend.” Skysword remarked.

“Brother, I’m sure you know about it, the same with the brothers from Eight Desolaces. It is a legend from an old epoch about an evil race.” Illumination said confidently.

Those originating from Eight Desolaces listened attentively.

“The Ancient Ming was long gone even during our epoch.” All-things said.

“But they have truly existed, it’s just that they have faced extinction.” Illumination smiled and said: “Do you know how?”

The group had heard of the Ancient Ming’s legends. It’s just that this race was from the previous epoch and they didn’t know much about it.

The tales of the nine worlds were destroyed during the great calamity. They only had access to bits and pieces.

“As far as I know, they went extinct due to an ancient art.” All-things spoke.

“So you have thought about it and even searched for it then, a way to destroy The Race all at once.” Illumination laughed.

All-things shook his head: “You misunderstood, I have never thought about eradicating The Race since that is only a broad generalization. Some of us have family members and lovers from The Race.”

“We will only be strictly dealing with the diviners, heaveners, and devils. As long as we destroy them, the other races will not amount to anything, that will be the end of The Race.” Illumination said.

Listeners weren’t strangers to this particular rhetoric since he had been spouting it from the very start.