Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 47 Elvish Aphrodisiac

"Oh… So sad… I hoped we could spend more time with the Legend," Nuwa muttered disappointed. "We have never met anyone this famous."

"Don't worry, we still have some time, and I'm sure the party will be boring anyway," Blissful Knight assured as he took the compliment. "If I had a choice, I would prefer to spend my evening with you lovely ladies, but unfortunately, our Elders wouldn't like it."

"Who is that Celebration Party for?" Nuwa inquired curiously. "We didn't hear anything about it in the news."

"Because it's recent," Blissful Knight replied right away. "The granddaughter of the Trade Union President Ascended to Heaven Realm from the lower realm just today, and the whole celebration is rushed. If we weren't in the Fire Land Capital, I don't think we would make it in time for the party."

"That granddaughter must be a great beauty. I wish we could meet with her, ah…" Nuwa sighed, leaning on Wu's shoulder. "We could create a great trio with her."

Blissful Knight's friends seemed already restless from being overshadowed by Mr. Legend as one pointed out, "I heard she is beautiful, but I doubt she can compare to you two. I would also choose to stay behind to entertain you."

"Aww, you are so sweet," Nuwa called out, placing her hands on the chest.

"Wait," Wu suddenly broke the conversation as she looked at Blissful Knight. "Our meeting sounds really unbelievable. How can we know you are him? Do you have any proof?"

Blissful Knight didn't hesitate and pulled out a round token made out of gold metal. He displayed it, and they saw a number twenty engraved on it.

"Can you recognize it?" Blissful Knight asked proudly. "The number represents my current ranking on the Dragon Steps."

His friend didn't seem like they wanted to spare him all the limelight, and they pulled out their own tokens with eighty-seven and ninety-five numbers on them.

"Although we are not in the top twenty, we are also high in the rankings. All of us in the top one hundred members have Nine Elemental Cores," he explained.

"Whoa… You are all amazing. I knew it the moment I saw you," Nuwa said in amazement, using their own line against them and muttered unhappily, "I don't even think we could get into the ranking… We are still newbies when it comes to cultivation…"

As she spoke, the waiter came over and placed their order on the table. Gazing at the new drink, she gulped her old in one big gulp.

"Well, that's not really a problem," Blissful Knight began after the waiter left. "If you are interested, I can recommend you two to join the House of Dragons, which would give you the chance to appear on the Dragon Steps one day."


Wu had no idea what they were even talking about, but she suddenly awakened at that proposal and questioned with dreamy eyes, "Can you really do it for us?"

Blissful Knight brightened seeing Wu's eagerness and nodded, "Being in the top twenty of the Dragon Steps gives me the right to nominate two people every year to join the House of Dragons. Although it doesn't fully guarantee you can enter, I will make sure to train you well beforehand, so you can pass all the tests."

"There is only one issue, though," Blissful Knight added. "We just met not too long ago. I already promised those recommendations to my friends. Unless we become closer, I don't think I can break it."


Both Nuwa and Wu were speechless, not expecting he would go for such a low blow, trying to get them using something so useless like a recommendation spot. It made them sad that probably most girls wouldn't hesitate but throw themselves in Blissful Knight's arms.

Wu continued to act without knowing Nuwa's plan and asked shyly, "What if we become closer…?"

Blissful Knight poured a cup of wine for him and his friends before taking a sip. A sweet aroma filled the air as Blissful Knight asked interested, "What do you propose?"

Wu wanted to reply when Nuwa interrupted, suggesting, "How about we discuss it in the private room?"

Both Wu and the guys were surprised by the proposal.

She shrugged and explained, "Didn't we decide to have fun? We can get closer while having fun. Isn't that a win-win for everyone?"

"Joy, what are you even saying…? We just met them," Wu pointed out in panicked expression but Nuwa placed a finger on her lips, silencing her.

"Didn't we come to the Capital in search of the opportunity?" Nuwa questioned. "This is our chance to finally reach the sky. If you don't want, I can take all three of them at the same time."

Wu's eyes widened, but seeing Nuwa was standing up, Wu followed, grabbing Nuwa's arm as she called out, "No, I will go. We are sworn sisters, aren't we?"

"I love you," Nuwa said happily and embraced Wu's face, kissing her directly on the lips.

Wu thought it would be just a peck kiss, but Nuwa held her tighter, prolonging a deep kiss. Before long, her tongue pushed inside her mouth, but before she panicked, Wu tasted another object slipping out from Nuwa's tongue.

It was a pill!

It quickly dissolved in her mouth, releasing a bitter liquid that she was forced to drink. Only then did Nuwa release her, wiping her lips from the excess saliva.

"Cough, I'm sorry, I just love kissing," Nuwa apologized as she cleared her throat with a sip of her drink and asked the boys playfully, "Are we ordering that private room, or are you busy with your party? If you can't, I guess I will have to satisfy myself with my sister."

The three shook their heads as if they just woke up from a dream, and the Blissful Knight was the first to pull the trigger.


Wu had full trust in Nuwa as she wouldn't secretly feed her an unknown pill for no reason. She had something up her sleeve.

Nuwa hugged her while giggling, and they followed the waiter, getting into the private room first. It was like a bedroom with a giant bed and dining area. Nuwa pulled on her arm, and they dashed towards the bed, laying down full of smiles.

"Ah! So soft!" Nuwa exclaimed. "I could sleep here tonight."

The three fat sheep followed them inside, walking stiffly as if it was their first time getting pulled into the room by women. In the world dominated by powerful males, it was mostly men who would pull women into bed, not the other way around. Dominant women like Nuwa were hard to find.

"Actually, I rented the room for the whole night, so we are free to use it for how long we wish," Blissful Knight commented, acting the least awkward from the three.

"Perfect!" Nuwa exclaimed as she sat down. "You can even come over after the party is over, and we can do it once again. But then we will need something special."

"Something special?" The three asked at the same time.

Nuwa only grinned and pulled out a vial filled with red pills.

"Have you ever heard of the Elfish Aphrodisiac?"