Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 29 - Cultivation Lesson - Part 1

Chapter 29: Cultivation Lesson - Part 1

The lone guard was forced to follow the two beauties as they wandered around the Trade Union's territory. After just a few minutes, they confirmed that the place was just too huge to sightsee in just one break.

The whole Trade Union looked more like a small city or a self-sufficient Clan. Almost all staff and contractors lived on the spot, available in times of emergency. Be it Alchemists or Artefact Crafters, they were all occupying the various workshops and mansions throughout the territory. Not only that, Trade Union Headquarters had markets, Training Grounds for Cultivators, and even a school for kids.

All of it was closed from the average consumer's view who only had access to the main shops at the borders.

"Not bad," Nuwa praised, taking off her sandals to walk barefoot on the grass. "There is even a park here."

A lot of staff members were walking around the place as if they were also on a break, eating food with their significant other and relaxing. There were even kids running around.

"What are they doing?" Wu asked the guard as she pointed at the group of kids sitting in a circle. He became their unofficial guide since he didn't want to leave them alone.

"Those are the kids of the staff members. They are learning about cultivation while they are at work. Someone has to take care of them," the guard answered. "We already notified one of the best teachers in the Fire Land Capital. He will come over tomorrow to teach Miss Wu some Arts."

Wu ignored him afterward and suggested while pulling Nuwa towards the group.

"Let's join them."

The guard seemed quite confused but how could he know that Wu and Nuwa didn't have much knowledge about Cultivation. They weren't as fortunate as others. Their Fate Spirits were never in the Heaven Realm so their know-how about Cultivation was limited.

They also never found time to study about it back in the Earth Realm, leaving everything for the last moment. Even her Grandpa didn't suspect that they still don't know the ins and outs required to Cultivate.

Inside the circle stood a young lady around their age. Her long brown hair danced on the wind as she turned around to face all the kids, showing different types of elements in her palms. All of them looked visually hyped to know more.

When the lady saw the three newcomers, she paused, her eyes widening as she stared at Wu.

"Manager Wu! What a coincidence!" She exclaimed, flying out of the circle to meet with her. "I wondered when you would arrive in Heaven Realm."

Wu had absolutely no idea who that person was.

"You know me from Earth Realm?" Wu questioned with a smile as only there she was known as Manager Wu.

"Yes. Shall I call you Miss Wu now? Anyway, you might not know me but I was working as a teacher for the Trade Union in the Capital. When I ascended two years ago, I moved here to continue my passion for teaching," the lady explained casually, staying all cheerful and happy as if Wu was her old-time friend.

She then turned to kids and called out excitedly, "Everyone, this might be your only chance to meet our lady. This is Miss Wu, President Wu's granddaughter. She will be your parents' boss in the future! Please treat her well!"

"Whoa!" the kids gazed at Wu in amazement, swiftly standing up to surround them. "Miss Wu! You are beautiful!"

"Miss Wu, can I hug you?"

"Miss Wu, show us something cool!"

Multiple kids called out without any fear while some girls even hugged onto her waist. Most of them seemed to be around ten years old, ready to start their cultivation journey so they were naturally excited about everything.

The guard stood behind to avoid the kids but Nuwa got caught as well. They seemed even more interested in her due to her unusual look. Her prolonged ears which she didn't even hide stood out in the crowd.

"They are long because I'm an elf. You can call me Nuwa," she replied patiently to the multiple questions coming her way and crouched, extending her hand. "Let me show you something cool."

In a blink, multiple Air Qi birds flew out of her palm, dancing around in the air before landing on the kid's shoulders. For the kids who lived in the Fire Land, they were shocked one could even do that.

Nuwa smirked and suddenly beautiful white wings spread from her back. In a moment, she stole the whole limelight with all the kids rushing to her.

"Haha, Miss Wu's friend seemed to know how to handle kids," the lady teacher commented with a giggle and asked, "Is there a special reason for your arrival Miss?"

"Well, can we stay and listen to your teaching?" Wu asked casually. "We also just arrived to the Heaven Realm, so we would enjoy some tips on cultivation."

"Oh!" The lady teacher quickly understood.

Clap, clap!

"Everyone, the break time is over! Get back into the circle, so we can continue our lesson. If you behave, Miss Wu and Miss Nuwa promised to stay with us for the lesson."

Hearing the call, the kids got excited and pulled them into the circle.

The guard naturally heard it all and approached Wu, whispering, "Miss Wu, you still didn't learn the basics? I can tell—"

She cut him off before he ended. "No need. Stay back."

Wu ignored him afterward and picked one of the girls, letting her sit on her lap. "Shall we start?"

"Alright everyone, do you remember what we talked about earlier? I already explained to you the basics of cultivation but let's summarize it for the forgetful souls," the lady teacher began, gathering everyone's attention.

"Everyone starts cultivation at the same point. They have to awaken their Spirit and then gather Elemental Essence from the air before transforming it into Elemental Qi. As there is only Fire Essence in the Fire Land, you have to start from the Fire Element. Naturally, you won't be able to use Spirit Artefacts unless you master Spirit Element. To use the Spirit Rings you all talked about, you have to use the pills containing Spirit Essence to cultivate or simply visit the Spirit Land."

Every kid nodded their head as they already heard it before. For Wu and Nuwa, it was interesting information. In the Holy Land, the home of Nuwa and Yiren, the concept was similar. There was no Spirit Essence in the air which forced their race to cultivate using other available Elements.

In the Earth Realm, it was the other way around. The air was filled with Spirit Essence while other Elements were scarce, making it hard to master the Elements.

"The road of Cultivation starts with nine stages where Cultivator gathers Qi and expands their Dantian, but, there is a catch," lady teacher created a drama pause before revealing, "Your Dantian is split into nine spaces and each space can be only filled with one Element. The person with more Elements will naturally have more Qi than the Cultivator who advances in stages using only one. This is why it's advised to master all nine Elements before one tries to reach the tenth stage called God Stage, which requires you to merge the Dantian and the Soul."

Nuwa and Wu knew almost everything up till that point when the lady teacher suddenly revealed something new.

"There is also another reason you should master all Elements before reaching God Stage. Once you merge your Soul with your Dantian, you can no longer cultivate using other Elements."


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