Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 16 - Secretary of Defense

Chapter 16: Secretary of Defense

When Nuwa talked about someone powerful who can resist her bloodline ability, the man in front of her was the perfect example of that. When she tried to test him, her Soul Power immediately bounced back, not even able to reach him. Whoever sent him didn't joke around.

"We can, but what is this about?" Nuwa questioned calmly. The man acted like a gentleman, so she didn't play with him from the very start.

There could be only one reason for their arrival—ten bodies lying on the street. Nuwa could cheat the Spirit, but it would be hard to trick a human as well. Anyone who watched the footage of her killing could see her golden eyes. The masked men wouldn't just die on their own.

"I'm sure you know what just happened. I don't need to remind you," the scarred man replied before snapping his fingers. Momentarily, all the sounds disappeared as if he placed an invisible barrier around them.

He then assured, "Don't worry. We will just ask you two a few questions and let you go. We don't care that you killed those scammers. They were a pain in the ass anyway. We just want to know how you did it so that we can improve the safety of our City for the future."

"Who sent you if I can ask?" Nuwa asked in wonder, making an 'okay' sign for Wu to show she was alright. The two were next to each other, but the barrier separated them.

The people in the queue already dispersed, moving away from the scene. When they stared at the men in black, there was both fear and admiration in their eyes. The only explanation Nuwa could think of was a secret team of guards for special missions. City Guards were responsible for everyday problems while those people took care of more complicated matters.

"No one sent me. It's my job. I'm Darkin, the Secretary of Defense for the Fire Land Capital. I'm responsible for Citizen's safety," Darkin introduced himself. "We can't let you roam around the Heaven Realm while having an ability to kill in the Safe Zones. No one would feel safe once the news spread. We need to let everyone know it was a one-time incident that will not happen again."

Nuwa smiled playfully, finding it funny.

"So you want me to expose my strongest technique and tell you how you can counter it? Do you realize how ridiculous it sounds? You might as well just kill me now. There is no difference," Nuwa replied sarcastically, but Darkin didn't show any emotion on his face.

"I know how it sounds, but we have no other choice. We risk global chaos. Once our Citizens realize top Cultivators can kill them even though they stay in the Safe Zone, we will lose all credibility and trust. People will live in fear, knowing they are not safe, which will halt their growth," Darkin explained. "If you wanted to avoid it, you shouldn't have killed anyone in the first place."

Seeing he didn't convince Nuwa in the slightest, he added, "Either that or you will be permanently banned entry to the Safe Zones. Your choice."

Even while facing his threat, Nuwa continued to smile. Such pressure would never work on her.

"What if I told you that even if I explain exactly how it works, it will not help you at all? The Spirit of the City can't prevent something it can't see," Nuwa said with a shrug. "Also, if I were to show you, I would have to kill you. It is either you or me. Once I activate my ability, someone has to die. Your soul will perish, and you will die just like the rest of those guys."

Nuwa could use Wu's background to get rid of them, but she didn't have a habit of using other's influence to settle her problems. She was already prepared to handle it when she decided to kill the masked men.

Darkin wasn't offended by her direct approach, rather the opposite. He showed a curious expression as he muttered, "So it's a Soul Attack? That's unique. But shouldn't the Spirit see it then? Almighty didn't notice any violation, nor did it register any attack. How did you attack without being discovered?"

"As I said, I can show you, but then one of us will die. I will not explain further, so you have to accept this much," Nuwa replied firmly.

Her eyes shone with gold, causing Darkin to finally show some emotion, putting on his defensive stance. Nuwa only smirked, showing she could also use threats.

"If you decide to ban me from the Safe Zone, I will stay outside of the City and kill everyone that leaves it. I wonder how safe will the Citizens feel. If you decide to kill me, I will at least take you down with me before your men can stop me. Your choice, Mr. Darkin."

Darkin didn't hesitate much, agreeing, "Fine, we will leave you alone for now. I just hope you won't kill anyone else inside the Safe Zones. It causes me a lot of trouble."

"I will try, but I cannot promise anything," Nuwa admitted honestly.

Darkin gazed into her eyes without fear and finally turned around without commenting.

"One more thing," he said with his fingers ready to snap and revert the barrier. "Your friend mentioned she has a great background. What is it?"

"You will probably find out in the news by tomorrow," Nuwa replied casually.


All five disappeared as fast as they appeared, leaving them alone.

"Are we good?" Wu questioned with a tint of worry in her eyes. They were guilty, yet Nuwa somehow sent them away.

"We are good," Nuwa confirmed, pulling her to the cash register. "We just need to stay low-key for a while till they forget about us."

"You didn't promise anything?"

Nuwa smirked. "Of course not."

The left-over queue in the cash registry quickly split apart, generously giving them way. One would think they were just acting nice, but in reality, they were scared.

"Welcome to the Central Bank. I presume you want to create your ID Cards, right?"

The lady behind the cash registry seemed professional, not really bothered by the appearance of the men in black.

"Yes, please. Both of us are new to the City," Wu replied politely.

"Can I have your names? I will fill the form before we proceed further."

Wu hesitated for a second but finally revealed.

"My Surname is Wu while my name is—"

She couldn't even finish as the lady paused, gazing at Wu in disbelief.

"Are you maybe the granddaughter of President Wu from Trade Union?"