Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 34 - Self-Destruction

Chapter 34: Self-Destruction

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To maintain his decent image, deputy town mayor, Ye Zhifan didn’t want to talk much. But as he took the paper and looked at Ye Jian’s handwriting, he felt that he had suffered extreme humiliation today!

This is the handwriting that you said was as ugly as hell?!

Are you fu*king blind?

How Ye Zhifan hoped that he could throw this sheet of paper onto Sun Dongqing’s face. With a stern face, he stood up and said to Principal Chen, “I have business to deal with. We won’t take up your precious time any longer.”

“You have disgraced me as well as our daughter!” he said violently while stuffing the paper into his wife’s hand. And then he left without looking back.

“Yes, yes, yes. I am a disgrace. Alas, what is this…” Sun Dongqing was dumbfounded and speechless as she unfolded the paper.

Ye Ying had regained much of her composure now that her mom had blamed everything on herself. Seeing that her mom was overwhelmed, she became worried, “Mom, don’t blame yourself, sister will…”

Ye Ying widened her eyes as she looked at the paper. How was it possible?! How was it possible that these characters were written by Ye Jian?!

The paper, with a string of beautifully written characters, fell from her hand.

The characters looked like the person who had written them. Just like Ye Jian, the square characters seemed slender and beautiful, but they also contained sharp edges and the desire for freedom.

Ye Jian reached out her hand to catch the paper that was about to drop on the ground. With a sweet smile, she said to Ye Ying, who seemed like she had been struck by lightning, “Do I need you to write my love letter? Ye Ying, you are destroying yourself. Stay here and explain it to the principal.”

At that moment, Ye Ying would rather pass out than be ridiculed by someone that she despised.

Ye Jian went back to her classroom for the evening study session. Every student gazed at her. Ye Jian kept smiling as she looked at these faces that were both strange and familiar to her.

Everything will be fine. She had nothing to worry about, for she had overcome the most challenging obstacle.

Her desk mate was none other than Zhang Bin.

“Thank you, Zhang Bin.” Thanks for standing up for me, thought Ye Jian.

In her past life, she didn’t express her gratitude to him. In this life, she must tell him that in person.

Ye Jian raised her head with apparent joy in her black eyes. She said slowly with solemnity, “Thank you very much!”

Zhang Bin giggled. Ye Jian’s innocent and glamorous face that looked like a blooming rose reflected into his eyes. He said merrily, “You have changed quite a bit. You are way better looking than before.”

A sincere and pure compliment. “Thanks.” Ye Jian smiled. Her eyes were dazzling like the flowing spring water under the sun.

Thanks to his help, Ye Ying could no longer maintain her flawless and innocent image. Her reputation would always be stained because of writing a love letter to her teacher as a student.

“Don’t mention it. I just hate to see her bullying you all the time. Hush. Teacher’s here…” the boy sat upright and dared not whisper anymore.

Ye Jian lowered her head and opened her English textbook. Soon, she was immersed in studying.

It was getting late into the night. The lights in the school had been turned off and the campus was silent. Occasionally, some stray cats prowled through the school and uttered some creepy sounds.

Principal Chen was still in his office. He didn’t go to sleep after holding a meeting to handle and report the issue involving Mrs. Ke and her students. From time to time, he looked at the landline phone that had not rung, and then looked at his watch.

While waiting for a phone call, he couldn’t help but think of the episode in the late afternoon today.