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My Mom's Second Marriage Gifted Me Seven Brothers

My Mom's Second Marriage Gifted Me Seven Brothers


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Rating: 9 /10
Mary was an only child. She came from an ordinary family and worked at a publishing house. She worked diligently every day but was always harassed by her manager.One day, a luxury car stopped outside the company building. A handsome man who called himself Mary's brother walked out of the car and taught her manager a lesson.Mary was confused. When did she have another sibling?It turned out that her mother had married a rich man, and she now had seven older brothers."My first brother is the CEO of a financial group. He holds a shocking amount of wealth.""My second brother is an international superstar with millions of fans.""My third Brother is the world's most famous pianist. His reputation is widespread.""My fourth brother is the big boss of a gang. He controls the underground dynasty."…The brothers had different personalities and occupations, but they had one thing in common— they were all crazy demons when it came to doting on their sister.They had always dreamed of having a younger sister. They even took the initiative to urge their father to have more children, hoping to get a younger sister.However, the dream of having a sister was out of reach since their father had seven boys consecutively.Mary's appearance