Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2767 Ran Zitsu was controlled

Chapter 2767 Ran Zitsu was controlled

"I can't lose this way" Ran Zitsu will not lose this way, he will win against Ye Chen.

Ran Zitsu took out something, he took out a pill and swallowed it.

"Ran Zitsu why are you use that matter?" Ran Qayun said to Ran Zitsu, he could see that Ran Zitsu took something dangerous to use.

"I want to win" Ran Zitsu said that he wanted to win.

He wanted to defeat Ye Chen using all the abilities he had.

Ran Qayun looked serious about what he said, he wanted to defeat Ye Chen using all the strength he had.

He even used a pill to increase his strength.

This is quite capable of increasing Ran Zitsu's strength.

The biggest problem is that when he uses this, he will lose control and attack everyone in front of him.

And the only person in front of Ran Zitsu was Ye Chen, so he would definitely attack Ye Chen using full strength.

"Ran Zitsu, you are shameless" Bai Yuli said to Ran Zitsu, he told him that Ran Zitsu was shameless.

"Die bastard" Ran Zitsu was already in a trance, he immediately attacked Ye Chen.

A jet of water was launched towards Ye Chen at incredible speed.

that was really quick and direct about Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen" Bai Yuli shouted, she was worried about Ye Chen's condition and situation.

Bai Yuli would of course be worried, Ye Chen's condition might be worse with what was happening now.

"hahahaha, dead" Ran Zitsu looked like a drunk person, he lost control and continued to launch attacks towards Ye Chen.

People tried to stop it, when they tried to stop it, they were all attacked.

"What kind of pill was used, it was so strong" people saw that Ran Zitsu had become so strong and difficult to control.

"I don't know where he got that strength, his strength increased very rapidly," said Ran Qayun.

Ran Qayun didn't know where Ran Zitsu got that, how could he get that kind of pill and have an effect that could increase strength to that extent.

"His strength is increasing by leaps and bounds, what is actually going on?" Bai Yuli was also aware of this, Ran Zitsu's increase in strength was unreasonable, he became as strong as someone at the peak level of the Immortal Sky Realm and continued to rise without any pause.

Ye Chen defended against Ran Zitsu's attacks, he blocked all the attacks with one hand.

"Yuechan, what kind of pill is that, why did he become strong like that" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

He didn't know that there was a pill that could make a person rise so quickly to the peak level of the Immortal Sky Realm in just a matter of seconds, plus it was still getting stronger.

"I don't think it's a pill" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan didn't know that there was such a pill, it was clear that it was impossible for a pill to provide that much improvement, if it existed it would have destroyed the balance of the world.

Leveling up to 1 more realm was impossible, there was definitely a price to be paid to increase in strength that much.

Ye Chen also thought the same thing, if there really was a pill like that, Ye Chen would definitely use it and immediately save Shui Yixian quickly.

"I will make sure" Ye Chen decided to confirm what happened, he confirmed what was happening right now.

Ye Chen looked at Ran Zitsu's body, when Ye Chen looked at Ran Zitsu's body, he found something very interesting.

"This?" Ye Chen discovered that inside Ran Zitsu's body there was an animal, it controlled Ran Zitsu's mind and strength.

The animal is probably like a parasite, it controls the body and gives power to Ran Zitsu.

Even so, Ye Chen saw that Ran Zitsu's inner body had become dry, which meant that this parasitic animal was using Ran Zitsu's body core to become stronger.

"it's getting bigger" Ye Chen could see that it was getting bigger, if left alone it would grow into a monster.

"something is wrong with this person" Ye Chen said to everyone.

"That's absolutely true, so please be careful when fighting him" Bai Yuli said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen to be careful when fighting Ran Zitsu.

"I will take care of it" first Ye Chen will paralyze Ran Zitsu.

"Nine Shadow Step" Ye Chen used Nine Shadow Step, he used Nine Shadow Step to sneak behind Ran Zitsu, Ye Chen immediately hit Ran Zitsu and intended to make Ran Zitsu faint.

Ye Chen's attack was successful, it should be able to stun Ran Zitsu.

Ran Zitsu was unconscious, but strangely his body could still move and provide resistance to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stepped back when he saw this, it was clear that Ran Zitsu couldn't control himself, right now Ran Zitsu's body and mind were being controlled by a parasitic animal.

The parasite becomes bigger, it will come out soon after absorbing all the essence in the body of Ran Zitsu.

Bai Tung and Bai Junki intervened, they stopped Ran Zitsu from losing control,

Even Ran Qayun had to step in to stop Ran Zitsu.

They fought, strangely Ran Zitsu was able to match the strength of the three, it clearly made the three confused.

"What kind of pills did he eat?" Bai Junkin asked, they had to know what Ran Zitsu ate.

"It should be a pill that can increase strength by three to four levels, but it's strange why there are so many, it doesn't make sense" Ran Qayun said to Bai Junki and Bai Tung.

"Husband, what happened here?" Bai Yuli said to Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen.

"It looks like he swallowed something similar to the parasite we fought before" said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen said that they were fighting the parasites they previously fought.

"Did he get it from that person" Bai Yuli said to Ye Chen.

Bai Yuli felt that Ran Zitsu got this from that mysterious person.

"that is a very big possibility" Ye Chen said to Bai Yuli.

"First we have to defeat that guy, father and the others are having trouble" Bai Yuli saw that her father and everyone were having trouble when they fought the strengthened Ran Zitsu.

Ran Zitsu became stronger and more terrifying.

He beat Bai Junki and Bai Tung, they were both badly beaten, even Ran Qayun was injured by Ran Zitsu.

Ye Chen and Bai Yuli decided to fight too, when the two of them fought, they immediately beat Ran Zitsu.

Bai Yuli kicked Ran Zitsu, she threw out a kick strong enough to crush Ran Zitsu's chest.

"uhhhhhhh . ." Ran Zitsu was knocked back by Bai Yuli's kick, he felt the pain of Bai Yuli's kick.

Ran Zitsu stepped forward and attacked Bai Yuli, she now didn't care about Bai Yuli anymore and attacked Bai Yuli.

A water monster appeared and immediately attacked Bai Yuli.

"Kyah. . ." Bai Yuli retreated, she was hit by a water attack from Ran Zitsu.

"Be careful" Ye Chen saved Bai Yuli, he wouldn't let Bai Yuli get hurt.

Ye Chen blocked the attack, with that Ye Chen managed to turn the situation around and attack Ran Zitsu.

"I will attack him" Bai Yuli said to Ye Chen she told Ye Chen that she will attack.