Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3784 - Chapter 3784: Let’s Go Back (1)

Chapter 3784: Let’s Go Back (1)

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“Let’s go.” Feng Wu patted Little Phoenix.

Only then did Little Phoenix let out a breath of relief. If Feng Wu insisted on going to Jun Linyuan, there was nothing it could do.

“Little Feng.”

Feng Wu and Little Phoenix quickly went down the mountain to find a boy crying on the ground. His face was covered with dirt, and Feng Wu almost couldn’t recognize him. It was none other than Gao Xiaoshu, the son of Gao Mingjiang.

“Xiaoshu, what are you doing here?” Feng Wu went up to him in a hurry, crouched down, and rubbed his head.

It was obvious that the kid was frightened by what had happened. A stone had smashed into his head, creating a bloody gash. Feng Wu wanted to pick him up but realized that one of his legs was pinned down by a stone.

Feng Wu pushed the stone away and examined his right leg.

His right leg was badly injured, but luckily, she had discovered him in time. Otherwise, Feng Wu was worried that he would lose his leg.

“Sister…” The boy looked excited. He buried his head in Feng Wu’s arms and cried even harder.

Feng Wu picked him up and asked, “Why are you here all by yourself? Where are your parents?”

Gao Xiaoshu was too busy crying and hiccupping to speak.

Before Feng Wu could ask another question, she saw two people a short distance away.

One was Gao Mingjiang, and the other was Gao Mingkun.

With weapons in their hands and serious looks on their faces, they looked as if they weren’t afraid of death at all. Rocks kept falling down as they wandered in the woods, and it was very dangerous.

“Uncle Gao?”

Feng Wu greeted him.

Gao Mingjiang had lost all hope.

Gao Xiaoshu had been lost in the woods, and Feng had rushed in to save him. No one knew if they were still alive. Judging by how dangerous the woods were, they probably weren’t going to make it…

Gao Mingjiang was getting more and more desperate when he heard a pleasant voice.

He froze on the spot and didn’t dare to move, fearing that he was hallucinating. Gao Mingkun nudged him in excitement. “Brother Mingkun, it’s them! Look!”

Only then did Gao Mingjiang turn around, look at Feng Wu, and see the boy in her arms.


Gao Mingjiang was so excited that he almost passed out. He charged at Feng Wu like a shooting arrow.

“You, you…”

Seeing that Gao Mingjiang was so excited that his lips were trembling, Feng Wu knew that he was losing control. She stuffed Gao Xiaoshu into his arms.

“Xiaoshu’s foot was caught by a rock, and he needs immediate treatment. It’s too dangerous here. Let’s get out first.”

“Sure, sure…

Gao Mingjiang nodded at Feng Wu in excitement. “Little Feng, I can’t thank you enough. If you need my help in the future, I’ll do anything!”

Feng Wu nodded. “Let’s go out first.”

On her way out, Feng Wu grabbed a few herbs.

When they arrived at the campsite, they saw that they were confronting a group of people.

The bandits that had taken their carriages were standing right in front of them. The leader of the bandits was Ding, and he was heading for Northern Yan with over a dozen men.

They had been traveling from the south to the north to run away from the plague. Captain Ding and the others knew that they would only survive if they went to Northern Yan.

They had used up a lot of things on their way here, but now…