God of Fishing

Chapter 3604 - 3604 Primordial Dao Ancestor (4)

3604 Primordial Dao Ancestor (4)

The Daoist nodded slightly. “A human Supreme? Fortunately, you haven’t fully grown up yet. Otherwise, you would be a little difficult to deal with.”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes. He was not stupid. Since this person had admitted his ominous body, it was equivalent to telling Han Fei that he was a powerhouse above the dominator level, a real ominous-level powerhouse.

And this was the Primordial Star Sea, a place similar to the Chaotic Star Sea.

Perhaps, in an ancient period, there was once a channel between these two Seas of Stars, so there was Primordial Mist in the Chaotic Star Sea.

Faced with such a strong master, Han Fei knew that under such circumstances, it was probably useless even if he walked the Dao of All Living Beings. The only solution now was to swallow the Fruit of Creation. This was because the information the Demon Purification Pot had seen before told him that the ominous body of the Primordial Dao Ancestor hadn’t completely swallowed the Primordial Star Sea.

Han Fei snorted. “Although this Sea of Stars is occupied by you, the laws of the world exist, which means that you haven’t completely controlled this Sea of Stars. If that’s the case, you might not be able to take me down.”

The ominous body of the Primordial Dao Ancestor said indifferently, “You’ve been contaminated with ominous matter. Sooner or later, you’ll become one of us. Why struggle?”


Han Fei sneered. “Since you know me, you should know that the Demon Purification Pot is also in my hands. If I’m contaminated by the ominous substance, the Demon Purification Pot can absorb it immediately.”

The Dark Primordial Dao Ancestor was not in a hurry. Instead, he said calmly, “You keep calling us ominous, but do you know what the real ominous is? You don’t. Not only do you not know, but even the word ominous is transmitted from our mouths. Although the Demon Purification Pot is powerful, do you know that it’s just a container to store the ominous! Besides, there is more than one such container.”

“What are you talking about?”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. “Do you think I’ll believe you?”

The Primordial Dao Ancestor smiled and said, “Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with me. The real ominous things have never been us, but those suppressed ominous things. However, for you and me, what’s the difference if you are contaminated by the ominous things? For example, even if you are contaminated by the ominous things, you can still maintain your consciousness, have all the combat skills you know, and know all the Great Daos you have mastered. Therefore, is there any difference between you before you are contaminated by the ominous things and you after you are contaminated by the ominous things?”

Han Fei sneered. “What about those below the doomsday level?”

The Primordial Dao Ancestor smiled. “They’re just nutrients. We control the Sea of Stars, and all living beings are at our mercy. You can understand that this Sea of Stars is just a vast farm. Every once in a while, we have to harvest them, and you and I are both beneficiaries.”


The ominous body of the Primordial Dao Ancestor’s words were getting more and more ridiculous. His thoughts might already be abnormal. This was even more terrifying than treating all living beings as ants.

Ordinary people wouldn’t trample on ants. However, this Primordial Dao Ancestor wanted to harvest a Sea of Stars as his nutrients. In his eyes, the creatures of all races were just resources.

The Primordial Dao Ancestor said indifferently, “I’ve already told you the whole story. If you join us, I can give you the Chaotic Star Sea. Otherwise, I can only cut off your path. It’s a waste of your talent. You shouldn’t end up like this.”

Han Fei laughed. “Invite me to join you? Okay! Then give me a few bottles of the gray powder first.”

The Primordial Dao Ancestor shook his head gently. “Ominous matter is extremely rare. It’s not something you can get just because you want it. Besides, if you’re not sincere, I’m afraid I can’t give it to you.”

Han Fei’s heart stirred. Is the gray powder that looks like gangrene really something good for ominous creatures?

Han Fei said again, “If you want me to join you, you have to give me some benefits, right? How can I join you without any benefits?”

The Primordial Dao Ancestor smiled and said, “Didn’t I say that the Chaotic Star Sea can be given to you?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. “I want tangible benefits. Don’t draw pancakes for me. Besides, if I really want the Chaotic Star Sea, do I need you to give it to me?”

The Primordial Dao Ancestor sighed softly. “People are stupid. With your current situation, there’s really no need for me to lie to you. I just cherish talent. After all, in this endless era, there are very few companions. It’s really lonely. I’ll give you one last chance to accept the gift of the ominous matter. Otherwise, I can only solve you myself.”