Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 2557 - 2557 Sky-Plundering Jade!

Chapter 2557 - 2557 Sky-Plundering Jade!

2557 Sky-Plundering Jade!

Before Eternal Source could pull the rock planks apart, Lin Yuan heard a weak cry from within the hole. This confirmed that the Sky-Plundering Beast was still alive and well, and Lin Yuan relaxed.

Eternal Source lifted up the rock and slammed his hand down on it, splitting it into two halves. He held a piece of rock in each hand and pulled the cavity apart further.

“Lord, do you want me to go in and fetch the Sky-Plundering Beast, or are you going to enter personally?” Eternal Source asked.

He had heard the conversation between Lin Yuan and Keira, so there was no need to ask, but the stomach-turning odor that drifted into his nose at that moment almost made him retch.

The Sky-Plundering Beast’s living conditions were horrible, and Eternal Source found it difficult to believe that Lin Yuan would volunteer to enter such an environment.

Lin Yuan had also caught a whiff of the smell, and Eternal Source’s words gave him another chance to back out.

Lin Yuan said to Eternal Source, “I will go in on my own.”

Four pairs of black wings sprouted from his back and carried him into the space under the rocks.

Eternal Source had climbed to the peak of the marsh world through his own abilities, becoming the most powerful Samsara Realm Dictator by the time Lin Yuan arrived.

Although he had faced obstacles before becoming an Apostle, everything had been smooth sailing once he gained his own believers. As a result, he had never experienced such a filthy and awful environment.

On the other hand, before Lin Yuan became a spirit qi professional, he had kept a few small animals in his parents’ fey store. These animals ate scrap food all day, so their excrement was much worse smelling than that of the Sky-Plundering Beast. After all, the Sky-Plundering Beast only consumed the Sky-Plundering Flower.

In other words, Lin Yuan’s tolerance for foul environments was much higher than Eternal Source’s.

Lin Yuan flew into the space with the light at his back, so the Sky-Plundering Beast could not see him clearly. However, Lin Yuan could see a small, bony, yellow-furred beast squatting below the rocks. It was looking up at him with fear and hope in its eyes.

The Sky-Plundering Beast’s diet consisted of the Sky-Plundering Flower. It could consume the energy within the flower to produce Sky-Plundering Jade from the fur on its neck. However, the Sky-Plundering Beast could also consume other things.

Lin Yuan took out a bunch of Blood Brew Grapes, which were full of nourishment. He plucked one off the vine and held it out to the Sky-Plundering Beast, waving his finger in front of it.

The Sky-Plundering Beast was clearly scared of Lin Yuan, but it could smell the fragrance coming from the Blood Brew Grape. It instinctively knew that the grape would be very beneficial for its body.

The Sky-Plundering Beast carefully used its claw to hold the grape before squeezing it gently. It soon realized that Lin Yuan had given it the grape.

The Sky-Plundering Beast retreated a few steps before swallowing the grape whole. It was like a starving man whose first meal was a delicious delicacy, and it did not stop savoring the grape’s taste.

Once the Sky-Plundering Beast had eaten the grape, it immediately began eyeing the large bunch of Blood Brew Grapes in Lin Yuan’s hand. It gingerly walked over to Lin Yuan and let out two cries.

Lin Yuan reached out his hand and patted its knotted yellow fur before plucking another Blood Brew Grape and holding it directly next to the Sky-Plundering Beast’s mouth.

The Sky-Plundering Beast opened its mouth, and Lin Yuan squeezed the Blood Brew Grape until it broke and all its juices oozed out. He wanted the Sky-Plundering Beast to taste the flavor of the Blood Brew Grapes.

There was no one to fight over food with the Sky-Plundering Beast. From now on, Lin Yuan would feed it a bunch of Blood Brew Grapes every few days so that its body would recover and its blood would be replenished.

After eating more than ten of the Blood Brew Grapess, the Sky-Plundering Beast that was only around the size of two palms leaped up.

To Lin Yuan, the Sky-Plundering Beast’s exterior looked like a cross between a cat and a dog, but it acted more like a dog.

Someone like Lin Yuan, who liked small animals, found it difficult not to adore the Sky-Plundering Beast even if it did not have any special abilities.

While the Sky-Plundering Beast had been eating the Blood Brew Grapes, Lin Yuan used True Data to check on it. This was when he saw that the Sky-Plundering Beast was not a fey, just like Keira had mentioned.

It did not have any abilities or exclusive skills and was exactly as Genius and Chimey had been in the beginning.

All of its abilities lay in its bloodline and were completely unrelated to abilities and exclusive skills.

For now, Lin Yuan did not intend to use his body to inject spirit qi into the Sky-Plundering Beast and turn it into a fey. It was more important that the Sky-Plundering Beast regained its health.

Just as Lin Yuan was about to take the Sky-Plundering Beast out of the hole so it could meet up with Keira, the Sky-Plundering Beast began swaying its neck in front of him. It was as though the Sky-Plundering Beast knew that the Sky-Plundering Jade that grew between the fur on its neck was useful.

Lin Yuan gently touched the Sky-Plundering Beast’s neck and could feel a mound of crystals there. It seemed that the Sky-Plundering Beast had produced a significant amount of Sky-Plundering Jade over the past millions of years.

The Sky-Plundering Jade was able to help other lifeforms during their trials, but Keira had not used it on the other insect empresses. Instead, she had instructed the Sky-Plundering Beast to continue slitting its front leg to allow its blood to flow out.

This meant that Keira only saw the Sky-Plundering Beast as a tool. Before her revival, Keira was likely planning to wait until she hatched so she could obtain as much of the Sky-Plundering Jade as possible, so she could return to where she came from and continue developing herself.

Lin Yuan plucked off all of the Sky-Plundering Jade from the Sky-Plundering Beast’s neck. They scraped against the Sky-Plundering Beast’s skin when they were growing. Just like sand that had gotten under the shell of a crab, it was very uncomfortable for the Sky-Plundering Beast.

Once Lin Yuan was done cleaning the Sky-Plundering Beast, he saw that he had more than 300 pieces of the Sky-Plundering Jade.

When he compared this to the time the Sky-Plundering Beast had spent in this underground space, the ratio was around 10,000 to 1. Thus, it seemed that the Sky-Plundering Beast only produced 1 piece of Sky-Plundering Jade every 10,000 years.

However, this was when the Sky-Plundering Beast was not consuming its fill of the Sky-Plundering Flowers.

But even if Lin Yuan prepared sufficient Sky-Plundering Flowers for the Sky-Plundering Beast, it would still take at least 50,00 years to produce 1 piece of Sky-Plundering Jade.

Keira had intentionally emphasized to Lin Yuan she had landed in this world and had been forced to undergo revival due to the Sky-Plundering Beast.

The Sky-Plundering Beast had to be very rare in the foreign territory.