Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3178 The Sound Of Heart

Chapter 3178 The Sound Of Heart

After the shockwave, the two figures retreated, but quickly, the crimson-azure-robed man followed suit.

"Rath Heavenshade! Stop this nonsense. I don't have the Celestial Luminescence Pill."

Resounded an annoyed voice, causing the crimson-azure-robed man to come to a stop, but not until he neared and was in the range of the black-robed man who spoke.

"Pence Atlas, you better not be lying!" waved Rath Heavenshade with a solemn expression, causing the other party to clench his teeth.

"Why would I lie? I want the Celestial Luminescence Pill as well, and if I had it, I assure you can't catch me."

Rath Heavenshade glared at him but suddenly heard a voice.


Ralaza Heavenshade shouted, "Some people are trying to leave."

"No one leaves!"

Rath Heavenshade's undulations burst forth, and the center of his forehead grew a large horn with an azure hue. Peak-Level Monarch undulations that were easily as strong as a Level Five Sovereign reverberated around the atmosphere, his azure dragon tyrannical aura almost freezing everyone in place as their expressions swayed in distress.

However, what was more interesting was that this aura was King-Tier, causing every human and magical beast to be subdued.

Even Davis was feeling the dominance Rath Heavenshade asserted.

'A King-Tier Fey at the level of an Empyreal Monarch…' Davis could only imagine how powerful he would be if he was an Emperor-Tier Azure Dragon Fey.

The Transcendent Cultivation System these young geniuses practiced already gave them a huge advantage, and the Laws these young geniuses comprehended were of extremely high quality due to these Laws belonging to Paragon Magical Beasts or Heaven-Tier Spirits.

This already made them near the Kingly Monarch level, but when one of these heavenly geniuses possessed a King-Tier bloodline, they easily became an Empyreal Monarch and could even battle multiple Empyreal Monarchs who lacked King-Tier blood of a Paragon Magical Beast.

Such was the power of a beast that stood at the top of the food chain, the Azure Dragon.

Davis also spotted many King-Tiers in the crowd, giving off undulations that he would categorize them to be Empyreal Monarchs.

"Hand over Fairy Xiu Juili, and I might consider giving you the Celestial Luminescence Pill."

A dark green-robed man stepped forward, bending his body slightly as he grinned at Rath Heavenshade. His body was encased by tens of snakes, making him look quite wicked.

Rath Heavenshade was about to react like a volatile bolt of lightning, but an unamused voice echoed out.

"Taus Serpenzal doesn't have it. He was in the same room as me."

A white-robed man spoke. Surprisingly, there was a huge manifestation of a moon behind him, but engraved on that moon was a smiling face that may very well resemble himself. He radiated the mannerisms of a Saint as he had his hands cupped with a light smile on his face, but his aura stemming from light energy was anything but a Saint's.

"Fuck, let me taunt him, Liam Moonsmile." cursed Taus Serpenzal.

"Shut up. We need to quickly find who took the pill."

However, another Empyreal Monarch from the Serpenzal Clan berated Taus Serpenzal and cast his emerald gaze over the crowd.

Quickly, the crowd turned silent, and amidst the tension, everyone could see Davis and the others, but they ignored them, continuing to search for anyone who may reveal the slightest giveaway with their body language.

Davis also didn't bother with them and panned his gaze at the crowd.

There were plenty of new faces he didn't see in the hidden temple, which could only mean that they were newcomers or they were on the fourth floor, testing their luck. There were even Kingly Monarchs in that category, so he knew a few of these Kingly Monarchs were perhaps also formation experts, managing to get through the Killing Formation on the third floor.

Even they could've gotten the Celestial Luminescence Pill, considering the fourth level was a challenge of luck. He could see the pissed faces of the Empyreal Monarchs as they didn't seem to have gotten that pill, but he couldn't take their expressions at face value, knowing that they could be deceptive.


At that moment, Enigmatic Heart Intent shrouded the area.

Davis unleashed it in full force, Level Two Obscure Intent covering the entire ten thousand-meter range around him, allowing him to see through the emotions of the silent majority. The atmosphere was not chaotic at all, allowing him to read perfectly.

Naturally, his usage of Enigmatic Heart Laws was discovered by the Empyreal Monarchs, whose souls had a prowess of nine levels higher since the Transcendent Cultivation System maintains equilibrium throughout their growth.

Many of their eyes widened as they knew this was Heart Intent, but before they could even open their mouth, they saw him disappear.

"So it's you. Thanks for the invite."

Davis reappeared before a white-robed man, reaching out his hand to grab the other party's fingers where the spatial ring and life ring were worn. Without even a single hint of hesitation, he captured those two fingers with his full palm and snapped it from the man's hand, robbing the rings along with the fingers.

The white-robed man could only react after his rings were stolen. The sudden pain caused him to scream out loud as he punched the space Davis was in, but by that time, Davis had already disappeared.

Davis concealed himself using death energy and retreated a bit, looking at the person before him with a face full of panic despite the pain of having his two fingers snapped and pulled out in a wild manner. While the emotions of almost everyone were one of anxiety, panic, frustration, and jealousy, this man alone was calm, amused, or even mocking.

But now, his emotions were seething with panic, letting Davis know that he was the one who probably possessed the Celestial Luminescence Pill without having the need to check.

"Lest Mistwalker! Quick, locate him!"

Someone screamed from the crowd, quickly moving towards him as they demanded.

However, Davis didn't even give Lest Mistwalker that leeway as his soul force descended into the spatial ring and life ring, quickly breaking the other party's connection forcefully.


It was like an explosion went off in Lest Mistwalker's head, causing his soul to be shaken as he momentarily lost consciousness, falling to the ground, but before he fell, he seemed to be pointing in a direction, which caused the Empyreal Monarchs to react as they unleashed tens of attack in that direction.

Blazing fire, tumultuous wind, rumbling earth, illuminating moonlight, abyssal darkness, toxic poison, and even corrosive water; almost every form of attack fell on the line in the direction Lest Mistwalker pointed, causing recurrent explosions to resound throughout the heaven and earth. Many moved out of the way, allowing them to see clearly what was going on, when they suddenly saw a silhouette dash out of the area, making its way out of the valley.

"Follow him!~"

"Wait! You immortal bastard!"

"Who was that!? Don't let him escape!"

Numerous cultivators shot toward Davis, who was on the run, but a few of them suddenly remembered that he was with a group of people, causing them to look back.

"What the- where did they go!?"

Ralaza Heavenshade's jaws dropped.

Was this the doing of the death-attributed wolf that almost killed her!? She quickly searched for them, throwing a few punches in the air as she created giant shockwaves that caused many who came closer to be sent flying.

However, she couldn't find them at all, causing her expression to turn dumbfounded, wondering just how fast they could coordinate in order to escape!