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Akashic Records of the Bastard Child Engaged to a Goddess

Akashic Records of the Bastard Child Engaged to a Goddess


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“Ever wondered how a bastard child lives a normal life while married to a goddess? No. Neither have I, because he's an overpowered bastard child of the king married to a goddess that looks like a demon.”Once upon a time, there was a guy named Lumiere.Being a bastard child of the King with an unknown mother, Lumiere didn't think his life would amount to much.When he unlocked the Unique Skill - [Beginner's Luck] things took a drastic turn.He summoned and got engaged to a goddess, Serena, just under a minute. Talk about a shotgun wedding!To make matters even more complicated, All-Father, Serena's father, decided to bless Lumiere with overpowered abilities, turning him into a magical powerhouse.Suddenly, Lumiere, the fifteenth child and eleventh son of his family was the chosen one to change the world.Lumiere was an Integrator, which was a fancy way of saying he had super-crazy, intense memory that could make elephants jealous.He also had a past life regression syndrome which was just a fancy way of saying he could remember vivid visions of his past lives.In this world of magic, demons, gods, and dragons, Lumiere had a big job on his hands. But with Serena by his side, and All-Father watching his every move, Lumiere was ready to bring peace to the realm.Will Lumiere and Serena's shotgun wedding work out? Can Lumiere change the world for the better? Can he find his mother? Can he put all his past life memories to good use? Find out in this adventure overflowing with magical hijinks!

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