Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 50 Worse Than Drinking

While Wu and Nuwa were relaxing in the bath, the Celebration Party already started with the last guests arriving. It wasn't just a normal dinner party but rather a full-blown dance ball with hundreds of guests. Instead of one big table in the middle, the venue was split into two sections.

One section was occupied by elders who sat by the elegant round tables filled with a variety of food, while the other had a spacious dance floor with both of its sides filled with Young Masters and Misses from various top clans. They also had tables of food but they were all stationed by the walls without anywhere to sit.

Even though the music played, no one was dancing as they waited for the organizer to officially start the party. Instead, they chatted between themselves as it was rare that all of the young experts from the Fire Land Capital would meet together.

Naturally, all of the young masters were focused on the tens of beauties that came to the party. Even though the main goal for coming to the party was to court President Wu's granddaughter, many knew their chances were close to zero. It was smarter for them to search for a partner from less influential figures.

"Miss Song! Every time we meet, you are only getting prettier. Tell me, what is your secret? Is it some secret technique or just your perfect genes?"

"Tsk, you only look at the outside. Although Miss Song is a peerless beauty, her strength and genius talent is something to look at. Miss Song, how is your progress with the Thousand Fragrance Art? I heard you achieved another breakthrough."

The most besieged from all the ladies was exactly Miss Song, a gentle and elegant lady of the Song Family who came to the party alone, having no one to take care of the pests. Despite being surrounded by men from all sides, she seemed calm, taking all compliments with a graceful smile.

She placed a strand of her long pink hair behind her ear and called out politely, "Boys, please, let's hold the conversation till Miss Wu arrives at her party. What if I fall for any of you and then you run away to admire Miss Wu's beauty. It wouldn't be fair to me, right? My heart is really fragile."

With her pink party dress that reached all the way to the dance floor, she covered every inch of her body aside from her face. If the boys wanted to admire her curves, they could only vaguely see her slim waist and her lemon-sized chest. When it came to her body, it was normal but her face was what made her stand out from the rest. Her slightly round cheeks, smooth skin, and small nose made her look extremely cute, like a childhood friend one used to secretly meet.

Naturally, in the Cultivation World, strength was still the most attractive factor. With the Dragon Steps mostly dominated by males, any female in the top one hundred could be considered a good catch. If they were beauties too, it was like a welcome bonus.

Miss Song's words worked like a charm on the boys, making them even more excited. She clearly implied there is a chance that she can fall for any of them.

"I'm sure Miss Song can beat Miss Wu in every aspect. No amount of beauty can sway my mind."

"Exactly. Miss Wu only Ascended recently. It will take years for her to catch up with us so she is not our competition at all."

Miss Song interrupted them again. "Boys, it's not good to talk behind someone else's back. Let's wait till she arrives. What if she is a cultivation genius like us? She will catch up quickly, especially with the full support of the Trade Union. They have unlimited resources, enough to push tens of cultivators all the way to the Celestial Stage."

"Miss Song is really the smartest," her admires called out amazed.

"Look, Elder Yang came," Miss Song pointed out suddenly. "But his disciples are not with him. Where is Blissful Knight?"

All the male Cultivators around her frowned when they heard his name being mentioned. Their main competitor, one with the highest ranking in the Dragon Steps of them all. When everyone heard about his arrival, they knew their chances of getting Miss Wu's attention dropped drastically.

On the biggest table, President Wu was sitting on his nails, entertaining his main guests while waiting for his granddaughter to show up. It was okay to be late but he knew she was doing it on purpose, making him annoyed.

The moment Elder Yang arrived, his old friend from back in the days, his mood immediately lifted. He could finally figure out the issue that has been bothering him for the last few hours.

Did Sect Master Liu really recruit Xuefeng as his personal disciple?

Elder Yang was one of the House of Dragons Elders, so he should have an idea of the situation. If that was really the case, President Wu would have to travel all the way to Spirit Land Capital to meet with him. There wasn't another solution. No one, even him, one of the Trade Union Presidents, could handle Sect Master Liu's anger.

"Elder Yang!" President Wu called out as he stood up, approaching the middle-aged man that just entered through the main entrance. He was a bit overweight with his hairline receding but one could see clearly if he wanted to unleash the power, he could.

"President Wu! Long time no see!" Elder Yang called out with a wave. "I'm sorry for arriving late. My disciples went somewhere and I can't find them."

"Oh! Where would they go? Do you want me to send my people and find them?" President Wu replied in surprise. "I thought Blissful Knight wouldn't miss a party like this and miss meeting my granddaughter."

"I know, it's really not his style. You don't need to bother, my people are already searching for them," Elder Yang shook his head, looking already tired bothering with that matter. "Talking about your granddaughter, where is she? I would love to meet her as well."

He gazed around the youngsters on the dance floor, looking for Wu but President Wu shrugged. "Do you think the main star of the party should come first? Naturally, if everyone gathers, I will send someone to call for her. I want all of the eyes focused on her during a big entrance."

It was just an excuse he thought of to cover for Wu but Elder Yang seemed to buy it easily.

"Clever. I can't wait to see her then," Elder Yang said casually and gazed at the main table. "I see many familiar faces. Shall we go greet them as we wait for my stupid disciples to arrive?"

"Sure, they were all waiting."

"Elder Yang, we found them."

Just as President Wu agreed, a cultivator in a white uniform, similar to the one Elder Yang wore, entered the venue and came up to them with the news.

"Then where are they?" Elder Yang asked sternly as he picked up a wine glass from the waiter's silver tray. "Tell them to quickly come over. Everyone is waiting."

He didn't seem like he planned on troubling himself in that issue. Too bad, he didn't really have a choice.

"Uhm, a special incident happened which requires Elder Yang's intervention…" the messenger muttered while cringing on his face uncontrollably. It seemed like whatever happened was just too much for him to handle.

Elder Yang could only excuse himself and follow him.

"I'm sorry brother, I will join you all in a second after I bring those rascals back. No idea what problems they caused but they better pray it's something mild," Elder Yang called out as he gulped down the wine.

"Hah, no worries. Take your time. If you need help just tell me," President Wu didn't mind at all, cheering for him. The more time he bought for Wu, the less embarrassment for him later.

When Elder Yang left the venue with the messenger, he quickly questioned, guessing the issue was too sensitive to expose it near other people, "What is it? Did they argue with someone? Where are they?"

"Elder Yang, they are inside one of the Exclusive Bar private rooms, doing something inappropriate…" the messenger muttered, causing the Elder Yang to curse. "Damn, I swear to heavens, if they got drunk again, I will beat them up until their mothers won't recognize them."

"It's much worse…" the messenger began, stopping himself in the last moment. "It's best if Elder Yang sees it for himself."

"Alright, show me the way," Elder Yang called out as he rubbed his eyes. "It can't be that bad, right?"

Unfortunately, he had to eat his words just a moment later after arriving at the Exclusive Bar. The Private room was already surrounded by his men and when he entered inside, he immediately felt weak in his knees.