Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 49 Scolding

"So that's what it means…" Wu muttered as they walked down to the bar's exit. "To think they were so highly ranked, yet still so naive."

"Do you think Xuefeng will get to the House of Dragons once he learns about it?" Nuwa questioned curiously, her eyes becoming dreamy as she thought of her husband. "Maybe we should also look to get recruited? It seems to be the best Sect in the Heaven Realm."

"Knowing him, he will definitely want to become the number one on the Dragon Steps. It would be cool if all of us became top ten," Wu suggested. "I guess we will have to create a Nine Elemental Core for that."

"Wasn't that always a plan? I'm sure all of us will get one," Nuwa replied with a shrug, full of confidence.

They seemed to be overheard by the guests, who only smirked as they walked past them on the stairs. Everyone knew how hard it was to create Nine Elemental Core, yet Nuwa talked about it as if it was guaranteed.

Wu and Nuwa gazed at each other, silently agreeing not to talk anymore as it wasn't the right place.

The streets were filled with people despite the late hour with the night-life booming. They didn't bother wearing cloaks anymore, but it ended up being their mistake.

"Miss Wu! Where were you this whole time? We were searching for you everywhere! President Wu is losing his mind, please follow us!"

Just as they entered the main road, multiple black-clothed guards filled the sky, calling out to them upon landing. The crowd was immediately dumbfounded, moving out of their way. Anyone who could fly in the Safe Zone was one of the big shots that shouldn't be messed with.

"Huh? Didn't we say we are going to the bar? Did you think we were joking?" Wu asked, confused, not really bothered by their arrival. "Anyway, we are already returning. There is no need to hurry."

The guards visually panicked at her chill reaction.

"But Miss Wu, the Celebration Party, will start in fifteen minutes. We need to—" The guard called out but was cut off by Wu.

"No, we don't need to do anything. If we want to be late, we will be late," Wu countered with a frown before glaring at the guard. "It seems like I need to do some cleanup in the Headquarters as you all have some weird rules implemented in the place. Since when is the employee ordering the boss?"

Her gaze was cold like ice and sharp as a sword, silencing the guards in a blink. Her voice was loud and clear enough for everyone on the street to hear her as well.

Wu didn't seem to care that they were in the middle of the main road and continued to scold, "This is your last warning. Share it with all Trade Union Employees. Next time anyone tells me what to do, you don't need to come back to work the next day. Your job is reporting while leaving the final decision to me. If I want your suggestion, I will ask for it. I know very well what my duties are and what needs to be done."

Grabbing Nuwa's hand, she added, "Right now, we want to return back to my mansion and take a bath after a whole day of Cultivation. Now tell me, do we deserve a nice bath, or do you insist we go to the party like this?"

"Yes, Miss Wu…" The leading guard nodded, bowing his head without looking at her.

Only then did Wu relax and ordered, "Tomorrow in the morning, I want to see the full list of the rules for Trade Union Employees. If President Wu can't manage you well, I will do it on his stead."

Wu didn't wait for his reply as she walked away with Nuwa in tow. They quickly followed after them, leaving the crowd alone with questions.

Who was she? Why did Trade Union members listen to her like puppies?

At the start, it was confusing, and Wu looked like a spoiled Young Miss from some top clan, but the more details got revealed, the more people began to understand.

"Is she that rumored granddaughter of the Trade Union's President?"

"Must be. She was so domineering!"

"Yeah, Trade Union should grow in power if she takes control."

The people in the crowd began to chat, but without any confirmation, they could only wonder. The news about the Celebration Party was mostly forwarded to the invited parties, so it would be strange if it was leaked so soon.

As Nuwa and Wu walked back to the Trade Union's Headquarters, the guards gathered around them, clearing the way. It made a big commotion, but the girls didn't stop them, enjoying the empty road. It was a struggle to walk inside the crowds, especially while still being under the effects of the Aphrodisiac.

When they arrived, they didn't spot Wu's grandpa anywhere, so they slipped back into the mansion to prepare for the party. Just as they entered inside, Nuwa embraced Wu's arm as she called out, "Now I know what Xuefeng saw in you, hehe."

"Look who is talking. You were commanding people before I was born," Wu commented. "I still have a lot to learn when it comes to being shameless."

"Haha, don't worry. You are good. You were so fierce back there," Nuwa replied in laughter and pulled on Wu's hand, dragging her to the bathroom. "Let's relax a bit."

"Wait! Don't pull me! I'm sensitive!" Wu called out in warning as her cheeks reddened from the sudden movement, but Nuwa didn't stop. She dragged Wu to the bathroom and embraced her in a hug.

"We still need to get rid of the Aphrodisiac from our bodies," Nuwa explained as she began slipping Wu's clothes for her. "If we don't, it will bother us for a while."

"How can we do that?" Wu questioned quietly, only to have her dress fully taken off by Nuwa.

"Come have a bath with me to find out~"