Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 33 - Escape - Part 2

Chapter 33: Escape - Part 2

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Xuefeng slashed with his sword left and right, creating multiple shock waves in his pursuers' directions. Even if they tried to dodge it, they were forced to take the attacks directly on their face.

Although Dragon Edge didn't have any special powers, its sharpness and brutal physical force were enough to disrupt anyone's advance.

But that wasn't all.

With each swing of his sword, waves of Air Qi burst out, amplifying the power of shock waves even more.

'First warning, unauthorized use of violence. Please cease fighting.'

'Unauthorized use of violence. Ten thousand Credits deducted from your ID Card.'

'Repeated offense. Twenty thousand Credits deducted from your ID Card.'

'Repeated offense. Fifty thousand Credits deducted from your ID Card.'

His pursuers halted, stopped by the excess wind, but they didn't seem to care. The wind and the shock waves were unable to do any damage to them. On the other hand, Xuefeng kept getting fines with the Almighty Spirit informing him every few seconds that his ID Card lost Credits.

'Ignore all of them. I will later clean your ID Card when I create a new identity for you,' Ming assured him which made him continue without worry.

All Flying Beasts from the sky already distanced themselves from the battle but still stayed behind to watch, creating a wide circle of viewers. The beast owners definitely didn't mind staying, probably getting a bonus pay for that.

After all, how often did a battle happen in a safe environment inside the cities? Almost never. No one was this crazy to go in debt for a little fight.

'Excessive force used. ID Card user will be detained by the City Guards. Any form of resistance will be deemed as an additional offense, adding to the sentence. Surrendering and following the Guards instructions will—'

'Shut up already!' Ming cursed, cutting short the robotic announcement. 'I'm blocking this Spirit already. It's making me annoyed. Only we can invade your mind!'

Xuefeng wanted to laugh but this time it was Tianshi's call that disturbed him.

'I'm nearing the gates! Our connections will cut soon. Are you coming?' Tianshi informed him from miles away, already reaching the limits of her ability. Although the distance improved the more she used it, there were still limits.

'Alright, let me wrap it up here,' Xuefeng replied and finally stopped attacking.

With no wind, his pursuers approached swiftly but they didn't attack right away.

"It's quite honorable that you let the girl escape first, but we were never after her," one of them called out after stepping forward. "But you should already know that as you finished the two observers."

He didn't cover his face just like his group. All of them had a buzz cut with a black "X" under their cheeks.

"Indeed, I know you are after me," Xuefeng admitted with a smile. "I also know it was Trade Union who sent you and I know exactly who. I really want to scream his name to everyone gathered here so they know who is the one that violates their rules."

The X-men immediately frowned aside from their leader who commented, "You will only make this issue even bigger, making the whole Heaven Realm hunt for you. I'm sure you don't want that to happen."

"You are right, I don't but didn't you already make it a big issue? Your Boss promised to fight fairly with me yet now he is sending people to hunt for me. I have no other choice but to make it even bigger," Xuefeng replied with a shrug.

"We don't want to hunt for you. We are only meant to catch you and bring back to the Fire Land Headquarters. I don't have any information about a promised fight but if our President promised something, he will keep it," the X-men leader explained. "If you surrender and follow us willingly, we won't fight you."

"Well, it just happens that my schedule is really packed. How about this, I will come to meet with your President in half a year when I'm done with all my stuff. What do you think?" Xuefeng questioned casually only to be flat out rejected.

"No. You are coming with us now. Either willingly or by force."


Just as the X-men leader spoke, he snapped with his hands and similar copies of him filled the sky, closing all escape routes for Xuefeng.

"Hahaha," Xuefeng laughed at that and gazed at the crowd. He already sensed that his connection with Tianshi was cut, so it was time for the final play.

"Everyone! My name is Liu Xuefeng! Make sure to remember it because you will hear about me many times in the future! I'm sorry but I won't be able to entertain you any longer. It's time for me to leave. Please, enjoy the last show!"

Xuefeng's voice resounded in the skies, making everyone confused. Did he really plan to escape from three Immortal Stage cultivators?

Just as everyone thought about it, tens of guards approached from different directions making the situation even more complicated. It would be impressive if Xuefeng actually escaped from such encirclement.

"Don't make anything stupid. We don't want to hurt you, so don't force us," the X-men leader called out, visually tensed up. He seemed like he was informed to not underestimate Xuefeng.

"Hehe, I have been making stupid decisions since I came to this world yet I'm still alive," Xuefeng giggled, already planning to make the case even bigger. His name was sure to eventually blow up and he never wanted to stay low-key anyway.

"Everyone! I'm just a simple Pseudo-God Stage Cultivator who just Ascended to the Heaven Realm, yet Trade Union is sending so many experts to hunt me down. I feel honored!" Xuefeng called out once again, crossing the X-men's line.

"Shut him, now," the X-men leader ordered while leading the assault himself.

A blinding light burst from his chest, spinning madly in four colors. A core with four elements! All of his clones copied his moves, pulling out their own cores and green lights fired from all sides in Xuefeng's direction.

They looked like vines, wanting to trap Xuefeng but he kept smiling.

"Make sure you don't blink!" Xuefeng called out to the crowd before all the Earth Qi smashed at him.


They heard a small explosion making everyone's eyes widen. They made sure they didn't blink and everyone saw it.

A golden flash blink out of the scene right before Xuefeng got hit, flying out of the encirclement. If anyone didn't focus their eyes, they wouldn't even see it.

He was too fast!

Poof and gone!

"Chase after him!"