Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 10 - Cold Beauties

Chapter 10: Cold Beauties

"So those two Upgrade Fragments can help us refine our Qi… Interesting."

The female Cultivator said curiously as she stepped on the defeated man's chest. Her battle boots were so heavy. He couldn't help but groan in pain each time she pressed on his chest. His white cloak he used to protect from the heat was already red, soaked with his blood.

He was lucky the other woman wasn't as brutal, only standing to the side and asking questions. If both of them decided to torture him, he would rather die fast. He couldn't see their faces as they hid their faces under the hoods, but he guessed they were cold beauties.

The cold came from how they killed without any hesitation, only to cause him pain for fun while the beauties came from their slim and sexy bodies that even a cloak couldn't hide.

The evil woman juggled the two crimson balls in her palm. Those were his only Fire Qi Upgrade Fragments that his group managed to find that day, yet they lost both the fragments and their lives after a failed robbery attempt.

What pushed them to start robbing again? Damn greed.


He groaned yet again when the woman stepped on his chest, breaking another pair of his ribs. He already had trouble breathing, but it didn't seem like she cared much about his well-being. He was only alive because they needed him.

"Cough, cough! Have mercy!" the man coughed blood, pleading for his life. "I already apologized. I also answered everything you asked!"

That was all he could do to survive, his body pinned to the ground.

"This is not the end," the nicer woman answered as she crouched next to him. "Unless you want to end like your friends?"

The man glanced at both sides and quickly shook his head. "I will talk!"

He could only see red, burned ground filled with dead bodies of his friends, killed just a few minutes ago. They tried to rob those two pseudo-God stage women, thinking they would be an easy target, yet they failed horribly. All of them were dead before the fight even started.

The man still remembered how his body froze mid-air, unable to move. They forced him to watch as the women appeared next to his friends and behead them without mercy.

They were pure devils!

"Tell us where is the closest big city with a Trade Union branch," the crouched woman questioned. "If you lie, we will tie you to the boulder and leave for vultures to eat you alive. I wonder how long will pass till they arrive."

The nicer lady wasn't nice in the end. He paled as he imagined beasts slowly eat his body and answered swiftly, "There is a map in my Storage Ring. All big cities are marked with a big red circle while the small black circles are smaller supplies cities. There just happens to be a Capital of Fire Land just thirty minutes away from here. You can find a Trade Union there."

The lady didn't reply to his answer but instead looked at her partner. They opened his Storage Ring, and just as he said, they found a map inside.

"If you let me live, I will bring you there," the man added, clutching to every chance he could.

Unfortunately, the moment he decided to rob the two devils, his fate was already sealed.

"Haha," the devil laughed as she pressed her boot even harder and eventually shook her head. "No. There is only one man I will follow in my life."

The man's eyes widened, seeing her display a long, bloodied sword, one she used to kill his friends.

"Noo! I know many secrets! I'm useful! I can show—"


His last words got cut off when the blade severed his head, making it roll away. Blood erupted from the headless torso, but the women jumped away, keeping their cloaks clean.

"Nice cut, Nuwa," the nicer woman praised.

"Thank you, Wu. I think I will play around with this sword some more. Cutting heads off is much more satisfying that just breaking necks," Nuwa replied humbly while swinging the new sword. "I will just use it as a finishing move. Sword Arts are not my style."

"Your Bloodline Ability is powerful enough to handle any foe. It shouldn't be that hard for us to survive here. I thought it would be harder," Wu commented.

"Well, it has a good surprise element as no one expects it, but it should lose its effects once we meet someone stronger. This group was just too weak," Nuwa pointed out honestly, displaying her power by gathering the Storage Rings of all bandits with just a single thought. "I just hope it will be enough for Yiren to protect herself. I forced her to improve her Soul Power. She should be almost comparable to me at this point."

Their Forest Elf Bloodline gave them the ability of Telekinesis. They could use their Soul Power to move objects or, most importantly, control the bodies of their enemies. Being her daughter, Yiren had a similar bloodline while Xuefeng received it after connecting with Yiren, becoming just like them, a Forest Elf.

"Don't worry. Yiren should be alright. Didn't she stay with Xuefeng?" Wu assured, patting Nuwa on the shoulder. "He will protect her until we find them."

Nuwa glanced at Wu's hand but didn't shrug it away. The two didn't interact much before, but after spending some time together, they realized their core values were similar, letting them get along well. Both were dominant, killed when necessary, and knew what they want.

"That's the problem. I have a bad feeling Yiren was separated as well," Nuwa muttered worriedly. "Didn't you notice how the Heavens split us all into groups of two? Would they be allowed to stay in a group of four? I doubt it."

Usually, Nuwa was thick-skinned, and nothing could move her, but she was still a mother. When it came to her daughter, Yiren, she would always take care of and protect her.

"Then let's find them all fast before anything bad happens," Wu suggested as she spun the ring they received from Xuefeng before Ascension. "Xuefeng seems fine so far."

Each of them had one Storage Ring created by Xuefeng with their name on it. Just as the bracelet they made for him, the rings kept beating, sharing Xuefeng's heartbeat. So far, it was mostly steady, letting them be at peace.

"Are you sure your grandpa will help us find them?" Nuwa asked cautiously. "I don't trust him."

Wu's family owned the Trade Union, the most prominent trading organization in both Heaven and Earth Realm. Aside from trade, their investigation business was also booming. Whatever you wanted to find, they will do it as long as the price was right.

"Don't worry. I'm sure my grandpa will stay true to his words. Unless he wants me to hate him, he will fight Xuefeng fairly," Wu assured. Both of them knew how much her grandpa doted on her, but it was still risky. Xuefeng had something that her grandpa coveted for many years.

Elemental Bracelet.

Her grandpa searched for it, planning on gifting it to Wu, yet it turned out she married the man who found it first. Unless he killed Xuefeng, he couldn't recover the Elemental Bracelet. The only way to appease her grandpa was scheduling a fair battle between him and Xuefeng. If Xuefeng was powerful enough, he could keep both Wu and the Elemental Bracelet.

"Alright then…" Nuwa agreed, thinking realistically. "It's not like we have any other choice. There is no way we can find him in such a big realm without any help. Also, there is no way I can handle another two weeks without him."

While crafting the marriage rings, Xuefeng was away for two weeks straight, studying crafting day and night. Unfortunately, it collided with their naughty activities at night. Nuwa didn't know how long she would last with just their last night sex. She made sure to satisfy herself before Ascension, but there could be a long time before they reunite, which might drive her crazy.

"Mhmm, let's go then. We got a compass, so navigating the map should be easy," Wu said confidently, pulling out a circular box with a needle that always pointed at the north.

"Wait," Nuwa stopped her. "I am too hot."

Nuwa grabbed her hood and pulled it back. Her shiny golden strands spilled like water, showing from who did Yiren inherit her prideful hair. If the man on the ground were still alive, he would realize his guess about cold beauties was perfectly adequate.

Nuwa put her palm in front of her face, and the cold wind blew at her, cooling her down.

"Ah… Much better…" Nuwa muttered relaxed. The Fire Land they arrived to seemed to be the hottest of them all, making it a living hell. If not for their cloaks, they would suffer greatly.

Unhooking the buttons of her cloak, Nuwa displayed a clean look, a short white dress that gently fluttered on the wind. One of the reasons they covered themselves was their sexy bodies, which the dresses barely covered, her back and side all bare. They didn't want to bring too much attention, especially with dangers everywhere.


With a single stomp, she created a makeshift chair from the earth and leaned on it, letting the cold air cool her whole body.

"Nuwa!" Wu scolded when Nuwa placed her hand under her skirt, blowing in between her legs. "What if someone sees us?"

"Then we will kill them," Nuwa replied casually.

She was still hot, so she began sprinkling cold water on her face. Mastering Elements allowed Cultivators to materialize them. Although it would waste a lot of Qi, they could, for example, create real water from their Water Qi.

Water drops traveled down Nuwa's face, cooling her neck before sinking in her dress. Wu's eyes widened when she saw Nuwa's perky nipples poke through her wet fabric.

"Nuwa! Enough!" Wu called out in panic as she quickly approached, spreading her cloak to cover Nuwa's body. "Where is your bra?!"

Wu's hood dropped in the process, her straight black bangs still coiling around her jawline. She seemed hot as well, her porcelain cheeks already reddened, but it still couldn't match her sharp red lips that stood out at the first look.

With her cloak open, Wu looked like she was exposing her naked body for Nuwa to have a view.

"Hehe, I forgot to wear one," Nuwa replied playfully before leaning forward, poking at Wu's breast. "But you can't criticize me when you don't wear yours as well."

"Well, your dress is lighter, so it will poke through. Mine is from leather, so it's differen— Ah!" Wu argued back only to exclaim. Cold water dripped on her chest as Nuwa skimmed her fingers across her deep cleavage. Nuwa's fingers grazed on the two side boobs, gushing water between her skin and the black leather battle-dress.

Wu couldn't even be mad, experiencing relief from the scorching heat.

"No wonder Xuefeng likes to caress them. They are indeed soft to the touch," Nuwa commented, having a casual feel of Wu's chest before she finally broke the limits, and Wu pulled away.

"You say it as if he didn't make a feast out of yours yesterday," Wu teased back with the roll of her eyes, buttoning her cloak once again. "We couldn't pull him away from you."

It was so hot that just a few seconds was enough to dry their clothes, the Fire Qi in the air doing all the job for them.

Nuwa smirked and took it as praise, "Well, what can I say? Some people just have it, you know?"

"Tsk, I'm going," Wu replied as she flew first.

Nuwa laughed and covered herself as well, following Wu.

She couldn't wait to meet Xuefeng again and dive into his embrace.