Absolute Resonance

Chapter 0969: Battling Qin Yi Again

Chapter 0969: Battling Qin Yi Again

When Qin Yi said those words, Li Luo knew that he could not avoid exchanging blows with her. Thus, he immediately unsheathed his Onyx-Elephant Blade, the mottled edge glistening with cold light.

"Although I exchanged blows with you at the Dragonbreath Pool, it was under special circumstances. I've never truly gotten a taste of how mighty your lower ninth-grade water resonance is. I'll finally get the long-awaited chance to find out today." Li Luo grinned, showing no sign of fear.

There wasn't much of a conflict between the two in particular, but their parents were filled with enmity for each other. And the feelings of hostility had been passed down.

Qin Yi was obedient to her mother, so she could never have a cordial relationship with Li Luo. Additionally, Qin Lian had commanded Qin Yi to find the opportunity to beat Li Luo into the dirt so she could let everyone in the Heavenly Origin Divine Continent know that her bloodline was superior to Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan's.

Even though Li Luo didn't want to have a bad relationship with Qin Yi, Qin Lian wanted to use him as a vehicle for her wrath towards his parents. As someone with a backbone, he couldn't simply retreat and let her have her way.

Otherwise, when Jiang Qing'e arrived at the Heavenly Origin Divine Continent and found out that he had been suppressed by her masters' enemy, the first one to receive a beating would very likely be him! Then she would go and deal with Qin Yi. Jiang Qing'e held utmost respect for his parents and would not tolerate any sort of insult towards them. Plus, they were using that conflict as a means to suppress Li Luo too.

Thus, if he wanted to keep his head held high before Jiang Qing'e, he knew he could lose to anyone but Qin Yi.

Otherwise, his position in the family would plummet into the depths! At that time, even his mother might look at him with disdain. He could already imagine the words coming out of her mouth. "Such a worthless son. You might as well just leave the family!"

At this point, Li Luo felt a chill run down his back.

When he looked into Qin Yi's eyes, he gained a renewed sense of conviction and cruelty. In order to protect his esteemed position within his family, he would have to bear the pain and go through with it.

When Qin Yi noticed the change in Li Luo's gaze, she felt like he was acting a little strange. No one could possibly imagine the complicated threads of logic in Li Luo's heart and how quickly he had come to a decision.

However, she didn't mind this at all.

As the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Qing's most outstanding youth, she possessed unparalleled self-confidence. She was not afraid of anyone in the Heavenly Origin Divine Continent.

Whether it was Zhao Shenjiang from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao or the Heavenly Origin Ancient College's Jiang Wanyu.

Although Li Luo had only spent a short time in the lineage and had experienced a frighteningly rapid growth, she had belief that she could accomplish the task her mother had given her.

No matter how many tricks Li Luo had up his sleeve, he was still in the Fiend Finisher Tier, while Qin Yi had two-pearl strength. And Li Luo wasn’t the only one that could beat people at a higher cultivation level.

Qin Yi's beautiful face glinted with scintillating, white light, complimenting her ethereal, fairy-like appearance. With a wave of her jade-like hand, two Heavenly Pearls manifested behind her.

The pearls were azure in color, bright, and dazzling. Their mere presence caused the world around them to turn moist as all the water-affiliated worldly natural energy surged forth. In a blink, it was like a river of water had manifested behind her.

Additionally, her dress had been covered in a layer of water that flowed and turned into waves.

This was her Soul Ascension-grade body-tempering Duke Art, Invincible Water Jade Armour.

Qin Yi seemed delicate, but the truth about her physical body was that it was even stronger than Li Luo's Nine Scales Sanctified Dragon's Body by an entire level.

Li Luo squinted a little as he could feel a hint of danger emanating from her body. Strictly speaking, the aura she gave off was even stronger than the energy replica of Li Taixuan!


Li Luo's three resonant palaces immediately got to work. Waves of resonant power began to flow ceaselessly, taking the form of dual resonance power and emanating from his body.

The majestic dual resonance power was interlaced with Vestiges of Spirituality, which gave a form of sentience to his energy.

"Nine Scales Sanctified Dragon's Body! Thunderpeal Avatar, Four Sonic Pulses!" Li Luo activated all of his enhancements instantly, and thunderous booms could be heard coming from his body. Savage energy filled every inch and crevice of his flesh and blood, overflowing into the space around him.

When the Thunderpeal Avatar let out four booms, Li Luo knew that he had reached his limit.

Feeling the explosive strength that was hidden within his lean muscles, he suddenly took a step forward, crushing the tiles beneath his foot. He then dashed towards Qin Yi like a bolt of lightning, creating a thunderclap as a result of his sudden acceleration.

He grasped his blade with both hands and hacked downwards emotionlessly.

"Divine Elephant Power, Level Three!" A brutal slash that tore the void in its path arced downwards with such speed that one could only see the trail it left in its wake. It was fierce and savage. A weaker two-pearl expert might not be able to take such a blow.

However, Qin Yi's eyes remained as clear as a still lake despite being faced with such a move. She pointed her finger, and the void rippled with waves. A brief moment later, a water mirror engraved with numerous mystical runes formed before her.

The mirror rippled vigorously, and immediately after, a berserk blade strike lashed forth from it, leaving a trail of blade light in its wake. It looked exactly like the slash Li Luo had just executed.

Qin Yi had clearly replicated Li Luo's attack.

This was the most commonly used method among water resonance users—they would reflect the enemy's attack using water as a mirror. And Qin Yi’s lower ninth-grade water resonance possessed exceptionally pure water resonant power, so the reflected attack was nearly identical to the original in terms of strength.


The two strikes clashed, and blade energy raged in every direction, riddling the ground with gashes in an instant.

However, a replica was ultimately just that. It could not surpass the original in strength, so a few breaths later, Li Luo's strike shattered the mirror image like a dried twig and struck the water mirror explosively.

The energy from the blade strike was absolutely overflowing, even injuring Qin Yi as a result.

Qin Yi then raised a single hand, and a faint, green light coalesced around it, causing her beautiful arm to seem as though it had transformed into green jade.

Duke Art: Starplucking Green Jade Hand. Qin Yi casually flicked her jade-colored fingers, and the air before her shuddered at this seemingly simple movement. The amount of power that was being displayed was truly shocking.

Clang! Clang!

Blade energy continuously clashed against her fingers, causing metallic ringing sounds to reverberate, and a shower of sparks accompanied each hit.

Regardless of how violent each strike was, the blade energy was unable to penetrate her defenses and was cleanly mitigated.

Li Luo's gaze turned serious as he could feel the shock coming from the rebounding of blade energy. They had barely exchanged blows in the Dragonbreath Pool, but it was clear now that Qin Yi had been holding back many of her other techniques.


At this point, the void before Li Luo shattered and the manifestation of the green jade hand burst through the gap. It had dealt with the remnant blade energy and now mysteriously appeared before him with an unexpected strike. As the hand descended, it directly reached out towards Li Luo's head, looking to pluck out his eyes!

This unexpected ambush was swift and left him with nowhere to run. As a result, the green jade hand manifestation directly pierced Li Luo's eyes.

However, no blood spewed forth! Li Luo's body turned illusory instead.

It was an afterimage.

Qin Yi's enchanting eyes narrowed slightly as she glanced around. Where Li Luo's body once was, there was now a puddle of residual water resonant power that had formed a reflection that took the place of his true body.

"Water resonant power..."?Her gaze trembled. She had almost forgotten that Li Luo had a water resonance too, and he seemed to be particularly adept at using it.

Additionally, she vaguely sensed that there was a trace of holiness within the water resonant power.

“Could it be light resonant energy?”

It was the combination of two kinds of resonant power that allowed his eighth-grade water resonance to create an illusion that was indistinguishable from reality.

"Didn’t he only have three resonances?"?A hint of surprise arose in Qin Yi's heart.

However, before she could contemplate further, Li Luo reappeared by her right like a ghost.

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He immediately struck down with his blade and tore the void in its wake.

The next moment, an overwhelmingly large and fearful black dragon soared out of the void accompanied by a stygian black river that emanated absolute coldness. It directly struck at her with tyrannic strength.

This Duke Art was something that Qin Yi had seen Li Luo demonstrate during the Dragonbreath Pool.

The only thing was that this time, the Duke Art simply seemed much more alive.

“Is it...

"A Greater Completion Duke Art?" she mused to herself.

Li Luo's assault did not stop there. He flew backwards as the black dragon roared, and a bow that gave off an ancient air appeared in his hands in a blink.

Triple violet-eye treasured artifact: Heavenly Dragon's Sunchaser Bow!

Li Luo was not planning to spare any mercy.

He would ruthlessly destroy this gorgeous flower today.